Sakura Chiffon Cake

Number two chiffon cake to join Aspiring Bakers before the month ends. Something rather rare and usually happens around March to April of each year. Since I still have some preserve Cherry Blossom left the the fridge, I thought I should make try out how this cake would taste like. The main ingredient that give the taste to the cake is the Sakura leaves's powder. If you have tasted the traditional Japanese cake/mochi, that wrapped with Sakura leave, that is how this cake taste like. The preserved Sakura sitting on top of the cake  merely give the look of how what a Sakura chiffon cake should be, and well, it makes the cake look rather pretty I think. From the same book of  福田涥子, I picked this cake to share with those who love chiffon cakes! 


Yolks    3
Sugar    70g
Oil    50ml
Water    50ml
Cake Flour    80g
Sakura Leave Powder     1tsp

Egg Whites    4


1. Soak and drain the sakura flowers, then place them at the bottom of a 17cm Chiffon cake tin.

2. Beat yolk and 1/3 of sugar in a bowl, add in oil followed by water. Mix well till the sugar is dissolved. Add in flour and sakura leave powder.

3. Beat egg whites till foamy then add in the remaining sugar slowly. Beat the egg white till it's stiff.

4. Mix 1/3 of the egg white to the yolk batter till well blended. Fold in the rest of the white and blend them well. Pour batter in to the prepared tin and bake at pre heated oven for 30 minutes at 180'c.

5 When the cake is cooked, invert the cake tin to let the cake cool completely before cutting the cake.


Wen said…
Beautiful bake! Another new flavour to try.
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks Wen! It does have an unique taste and the fluffy sponge is beautifull!
Very unusual flavour! And it's so pretty.
DG said…
Pretty chiffon! This must be imported chiffon cakes :) I guess you can only get the main ingredients, ie. sakura powder from Japan, or where can we get it from here?
Cosy Bake said…
Ha ha... You are so cute, 'imported chiffon'....

Yes, both main ingredient for this cake are from japan. Doubt they are available in Singapore. However, a Japanese friend of mine did,mentioned she saw one of these ( either Sakura flowers or the leave powder ) was selling at meidi-ya during April this year. But I did not go down to check it out since I still have stock at home.
If you are really keen you can buy both from the Cuoca website. You can Open the link from my blog.
hanushi said…
The cake is very beautiful!!! Like I say, you always introduce interesting Jap ingredients, hehe. Thanks for sharing! :)
Nutpi said…
Beautiful! I just came back from Japan and had some fantastic baked goods. I am yet to buy the flower needed for chiffon cake so in the mean time I will stop by your site for inspiration! Thanks!
Cosy Bake said…
Hi welcome back Nupti, I bet your trip to Japan must be a great one! Oh, I miss the cakes and pastries there..... :)

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