Coco de Loaf

Cocoa Loaf

The Maple loaf.

A back lot which I was supposed to blog before my trip to Melbourne a week ago. Made the the dough into two different flavours and turned out that the maple loaf taste better than the cocoa loaf which is the original recipe of this bread. Though this is not the first time I made this loaf, I changed the cocoa filling to milo instead, as I find the cocoa didn't taste very good.


Kitchen Corner said…
May be turn it into savory type with cheddar cheese and bacon or ham for the fillings. I read some people use Nutella for the fillings. Anyway, I think the maple loaf should be very tasty!
Cosy Bake said…
i have made a bacon and black pepper loaf before. It's not in rolled up finishing though. may be i shall do it with nutella... :0
Joceline said…
so nice! add in Nutelle is good taste for eat.
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Joceline,

Thanks for dropping my and your comment! Yes, I am sure it'd tasste great with nutella. MAy be I shall make one soon. :)

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