Melbourne, Victoria Market..

The Cupcake Bakery just a block away from our hotel. Halloween it is!!

Flinder's street station

Our hotel.....

The cake shop I love along China town. It has a new look since I last visited couple years ago.

Best garlic bread ever had!

Loved this braid beef in red wine.

Had very good beef steak at our hotel restaurant.


This is the doughnut that we queued from Apparently it's not nice!!

                                       Italian sausages, cheeses, dried meat......

                                      Another Italian deli that sells my favourite Italian pasta- Matelli

Honey stall

Pasta shops

Love this tea and coffee shop. Every time even I don't buy their teas nor coffee, I will definitely buy some other things like tea strainer...

                                        This doughnut stall has very long queue, so we thought it must be nice....

Had a short trip to Melbourne last week. I was hopping to do some baking tools shopping this trip but.... Instead, we bought lots of food stuff. Went to Victoria market which is a must go place for me every time I travel to Melbourne. It's like a toy shop for me. Really love to walk around there and enjoy looking at food stuff and others. We can get everything and anything basically. Also I always like a Chinese bakery at Melbourne China Town.  They have all the delicious old fashion cakes and pastries which I can no longer find in Singapore. Their Vanilla Swiss roll is my all time must eat item from there. Something so simple and delicious. Other than these, we visited places like Melbourne zoo and aquarium. My son's most looking forward to. Though the trip was short, but it was sweet. :)


hanushi said…
Good that you have a good trip! :)

Nice photos, certainly bring a lot of memories - I visited Melbourne in June this year. :)

I almost want to queue for the doughnuts too, but the queue was so long and we were rushing for time.
Cosy Bake said…
hi dear,
I am sure you had good time in Melbourne too. :)

I am glad you missed the doughnut that is not worth 'Q'ing!! it's full of transfat taste and that made me feel like puking. I am serious. however, my son enjoyed it. besides the trasfat used for frying, the berry jam filling used was those cheapest quality. Really lousy.

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