Cranberry Wholemeal Scones

                                                Can see that soft and little fluffy layers?


Making scones are so simple and quick, yet it can be stored in the freezer to keep for later need. It's also very versatile that can be served for both breakfast and tea. No wonder so many stay at home moms love making them.

Made these using wholemeal flour and dried cranberries for a slight twist of the original. It gives the nutty taste from the wholemeal flour and it's simply awesome! I have yet to have the intention to make any savoury ones. May be some days later....


Kitchen Corner said…
I love scones too! It could be my all time favorite snack. But I haven't try the wholemeal version yet. It's good to add some goodness in it indeed!
Cosy Bake said…
Kitchen COrner,

If you have tried this, do let me know how you like it!
Happy Homebaker said…
I like my bakes with wholemeal flour too. love the nutty texture, yours are so good with the cranberries :)

Your wholemeal scones looks relish.

Could you post the recipe? You use dried or fresh cranberries?


^ ^
Cosy Bake said…

Thanks... I have the recipe on the highlighted 'Original'. I just replaced 30% of wholemeal flour to the all purpose flour. Yes, i used dried cranberries. anything not clear let me know ok?

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