Suprisingly Suprise

We went to Liang Court yesterday, as hubby needed a hair cut before his long trip to SFO. At the same time Kinokuniya was having 20% discount storewide for members, so I brought my precious along to get some books. And so I DID!!! haha.... Well, I know I am suppose to talk about this 'Suprise'. I have blog about this special bread flour some time ago, and this is a good news for those who also keen to try this flour to see the difference.

After I got my books, and hubby's hair cut was done, we had our shopping at Meidi-ya. And here comes the 'Supriese'. They actually have this super fine Nisshin bread flour selling at Meidi-ya!!!!! I was so so happy to see this precious which all these while I could only get it from Japan ( I thought). I grabbed 2 packets right away, and showed them to hubby, and he told me to buy a few more since it's such rare stuff and I find it such a precious.... But I did not. Reason being, they are quite expensive for a bread flour, and I don't use it for all kinds of bread. It's too much for me to use it on experimenting new recipes and I only use it when I want to make loaf like English bread, butter roll or Hotel Bread. Hopefully Meidi-ya will keep bringing it in, then I will get to have it to make my beautiful loaves....


Wai Fong said…
I read one of your blog entries on this special flour for cake and I was very happy to find it at Isetan Scotts (B1). The package was all written in Japaneses and I do not understand Japanese. Could you tell me if there is rising agent in the flour? What type of cakes are most suitable for this type of flour, eg: butter cake, sponge cake or chiffon cakes. thanks so much
Cosy Bake said…
Hi wai FOng,

Gald you manage to buy the violet flour... It has got no rising agent added. It's just solely flour for making cake that's required a light and soft texture.

This particular cake flour is best for plain vanilla sponge when you wanna make Japanese strawberry shortcake, Swiss roll, castella cake, chiffon (I think it's rather wasted to use on chiffon), breakfast pan cakes and you may try use it for butter cakes.

Somehow this flour give the lightest texture you can get compared to using other flour. it's worth the buy if you see your sponge cake turn out to be so light and smooth. Hope you bake many light a soft cake using this wonder flour!! hahah... HAppy BAking!

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