Banana Cake ( none baking powder version)

Alright, this is my second post of this classic banana cake. However, this happened to be a none baking powder version! How great!!  As I always mention, I prefer to have least additives in my bakes. Especially when we have kids....

It was an 'Accident'! I was craving for banana cake the other night, and I only left with those really large size eggs, however, I went ahead... After I beat up both sugar and eggs over a pot of hot water, I let my Kitchen aid do the beating. I walked out to the living room, sat on the couch and started watching TV.  For a moment I totally forgot I was beating the eggs!  Until hubby asked me what was the Kitchen aid ' Doing'...  I ran to the kitchen and quickly stop the mixer and was very lucky the egg batter was looking pretty alright. I continued with the rest of the steps and guess what?? the egg batter was so well beaten and it was so stable while folding in the rest of the ingredients! After I poured the cake batter into the cake tin, the batter stayed so light and fluffy as if it was telling me the result was going to be really great one. True enough, when the cake was done, the texture was like cotton, or rather close to a chiffon cake. When this 'Accident ' happened, I was using the original recipe which have baking powder in it.

So the idea of not adding baking powder came to me after that superb result. I made the cake few days later, and the result was very pleased, although it's nothing like the chiffon texture, however, it's very fine and soft. It turned out to be a soft and moist classic banana cake! So the trick of this is ; very large eggs would give softer and fine banana cake even without baking powder's help.


Anonymous said…
Wow,tks for sharing this recipe! Looks like a great banana cake.
I'm a great fan of banana cakes!
Will try out your recipe soon ;)
I love the pics in your blog, very captivating!

Gooday, cupcake
Cosy Bake said…
hi Cupcake,

Thanks for dropping by. Really glad that you like my blog and banana cake!! Do let me know how you like the recipe ya!
Allie said…
This looks delicious! I like the idea of having no leavening agent in this :).
Anonymous said…
What a good "accident" :)
Bakes with all natural ingredients are the best.

Kitchen Corner said…
WOW! I think this is a great recipe without using the baking powder. And you've baked it so nicely, smooth and soft!
Cosy Bake said…
Allie, Kitchen Corner, BC,

Ya, I am so so pleased to know it can be done without baking powder. I can make it more often for my boy as his snack or tea, without thinking about too much chemical ingredients in the cake. do try it our using those really big eggs. Im sure no one would mind it!
Anonymous said…
Hi cosybake,

I made the banana cake using your recipe without baking powder,and YES, it was very good, even tho the eggs I whisked was just a little away from the ribbon stage.haha..

I was wondering how to achieve the ribbon stage, that I used "agaration". Then when I finally put the batter to bake, I saw one of your posts with pics of ribbon stage.. Aiya! how blur I was not to notice that!

Nevertheless, the cake was super moist, soft and had no baking soda taste( which I always have problems with). Tks to your tips of sharing not to overstir the batter!

This recipe is a great keep!:)

Gooday, cupcake
Cosy Bake said…
Wow Cupcake,

I'm so so happy to know you made it well!!! I am so proud of my 'accident'! haha....

Hope you like most of my bakes and give them a try. Hear most great feedbacks from you ok?! Cheers!
hanushi said…
Sounds good. I am also a big fan of less chemicals in my bake.

Ha, how big is your "really large size" eggs?
Cosy Bake said…

I bought my LArge size eggs from TIong Bahru market. Bought those $0.19 ones. Each egg should weigh 65g without shell.
lachu said…
Hi Madam,

Nice recipe...Could you please post the steps and exact quantity for making this banana cake?

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