Choco Marble Loaf

I believe most kids and adults will not say no to chocolate flavoured bread. I made this loaf last night and baked it this morning for a simple breakfast. With this soft and chocolate bread, we didn't need any thing else except our coffee and tea.
I call this a 'Dangerous' bread when my son could keep eating it without realising he's belly is getting full and bigger.... I love the pattern of each and every slice of it, that will surprise me with all the different swirl. And the smell is so good, that we could just eat it without any bread spread.
Bread Flour 300g
Instant Dried Yeast 6g
Sugar 30g
Salt 4g
Water 186g
Unsalted Butter 30g
Cocoa Paste:
Cocoa powder 6g
Water 6g
1. Mix all ingredients except butter, in a mixing bowl. Add in water to form a rough dough, then add in butter and continue to knead by hands till the dough is smooth and elastic.
2. Portion a 1/4 of the dough to mix with the cocoa paste, knead by hands. Keep kneading till the dough is well blended with cocoa and form a brown dough. Leave both dough to rise in a warm place with cover on the bowl. Let the dough rise for one hour or double the size.
3. Bring both risen dough to work top and give a small kneading and let it relax for 7 minutes.
4. Cut both dough into 3 portions and pair them together. To make brown and yellow each pair. Roll the pairs flat and give it a fold to get a long slim stripes. Join 3 paired dough at the top and do a simple 3 fold plait. Join and seal the end. Put the well shaped dough in the bread tin and let it rise for an hour. Bake the dough at 200'c for 30 minutes. Cool the baked loaf on wire rack.


Pei-Lin said…
The loaf looks yummy! The swirl is just so beautiful!

I'd like to make the bread someday! Just gotta plan my schedule wisely! And I should be able to realize the goal! =) Thanks for sharing!
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Pei Lin,

Thanks for the nice words. I have been rather busy. Only managed to upload the pix. shall post the recipe by the end of this week. Cheers!! I'm sure you will make a beautiful loaf too.

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