Preserved Cherry Blossom and Big Red Bean

I shall try cooking the big red bean to make another Matcha loaf and Matcha Swiss roll.

These preserved Sakura are widely used in Japanese traditional pastries making or even some An Pan would use it for the topping decoration. The one on the left is dried sakura, and the one on the right is salt preserved sakura.


Yenli said…
hello, i'm so curious where did you get the preserved cherry blossom from? I'm currently living in Sydney and have been hunting for it online but find none :(. thanks :D
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Yenli,

I got mine from Tokyo during our holidays....YOu may buy them from cuoca website,

Or you can make your very own preserved cherry blossom if Sydney has cherry blossom trees. Just pick some fresh cherry blossoms and give them a good wash and pat them dry with paper hand towers, then with a clean glass jar, you add some salt together with the blossom and keep it for a good few weeks. At least 4 weeks before you use them. When it's ready to use, wash away the salt and let the preserved blossoms dry on paper tower.
yenlitandeani said…
Oh thanks for the info! :D No Sydney has no sakura trees unfortunately :( but yea I'm scrolling on cuoca website and just asked whether they ship to overseas or not - hopefully they do :)
Edith said…
I had a very tiny packet brought by hubby during his last time. These are definitely not cheap and now it is so precious that I don't know what to do with it. LOLz.

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