Pineapple Tarts

Finally! I have been waiting for the day to get closer to Chinese New Year , so that I could start making the Pineapple tarts, and have them fresh when CNY comes. This is an old recipe from may be some one's grandma that past down, which happened that I am lucky enough to have it! The recipe is meant to make open Pineapple tarts, but I find it rather dry if follow the recipe exactly. So I changed a little here and there to make a soft and more buttery pastry for the tarts. I go by the feeling of my hands while mixing the dough. I am one lazy baker, who will always use my stand mixer to do the mixing job. As the machine working on the dough, I slowly spoon in the flour to get the right consistency that I want. I wanna make sure that the dough is friendly to cut out, yet it'll be soft and buttery after baking.
I like this recipe as it will have a slightly salty taste on the pastry. I am not too keen or enjoy pineapple tarts with sweet pastry. I still prefer that old fashion way of Pineapple tarts should be.
I used the pineapple filling from Phoon Huat, I find it is quite nice. As I said, I am a lazy baker!
If you are interested to try out this recipe, you may have to adjust the ingredients by your feeling of your hands...
Alternate Recipe:
Plain Flour 450g
Sugar 120g
Butter 250g ( I use salted butter)
Milk Powder 2tbp
1 Egg
2-3 drops of Yellow food colouring ( I didn't use it)
1. Cream butter, eggs, sugar and milk powder till it's light and fluffy. Followed by the plan flour. Mix to get a pastry dough.
2. Roll the dough out and use a tart cutter to cut out each tart and place on a baking tray. Fill in the pineapple filling and bake at 160'c for about 15-18 minutes or the pastry start to brown a little.
3. Cool the baked tarts on wire rack.


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