Paris 2012 Where the Holiday starts!

 Our holidays officially started, with Euro Disney ( according to my son). Well, I don't really mind that, as I will get to visit and enjoy the best Mille-Feuille which I have been missing a lot since our last visit.  I have yet to tried any other bakery has the same standard as this particular shop. It's near to the train station named Noisy- Champ. It's just three stops away from Euro Disney station. I am missing it already! Hubby was telling me, we might just skip Euro Disney the next trip since my son will be six years old, and he should have enough of Disney. The first thought came to my mind was, '' Oh no, how about my Mille-Feuille??'' As the area is not quite near to Paris central, it is quite costly to make a trip there just for a meal, and time is also another consideration.

The happy little boy getting his way down from the apartment, and looking forward to his Disneyland! 

         A place to visit before Disney. Had our late breakfast and packed our lunch from here too! The bakery had their new canvas shelter changed.....Orange is for summer!!

                                                 Can you spot my Mille-Feuille?

You will be spoiled by the choices.... They are not the most famous bakery, but they are definitely one of the best!

The lady( could be the owner) whom we met during our last visit, she's so helpful and friendly. She actually remembered us after one year! Really good to see her again.

               She let us try one of their new bread, which is a dark rye bread with nuts and sesame.

The MUST-HAVE - Mille-Feuille! As good as always......... and it's the best!!!!!!

Hubby's ham and Gruyere cheese cheese sandwich.

                                Welcome to Disney, and they are celebrating their 20th Birthday!!

Place La Concorde, the center of Paris where all the shopping and food paradise starts from here.....

I wanted to bring my boy to the garden nearby; Jardin des Tuileries for the popular pony riding. But this attraction was ceased about a year ago. A little disappointed though. However, the garden was a great visit for both adults and children, under a beautiful weather. After a slow walk at the park, we knew where we want to go for  lunch.....

La Duree it is!

                           Hubby's coffee, that he would not miss every time we visit La Duree.

                                  My marinated veal salad,company with crispy potato sticks.

                                    Foie gras with raspberry macarofon and toasted raisin brioch

                                                  Caramel and salt macaroon and Divin

The candles are as real as the those displaying on the pastry counter.

                   For the fans of Chanel, this is the latest and biggest Chanel Boutique at Champs-Elysees. Even bigger than the flagship store at rue Cambon. Check it out ladies!!


Anonymous said…
Your son is a very very lucky boy to go to Disneyland, Paris and also so many beautiful and faraway countries. The pastries really look so beautiful and tempting.

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