Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jealousy, Hatreds, Holding on ( to sorrows) = illness

Have anyone out there ever heard that, all human illness are brought upon ourselves? I didn't know it too, till I started my parenting class and it makes a lot of sense in all ways. For example, people who has frequent headache / migraine, shoulders ache are due to stress, people who gets soar throat because they see things that they disagree, but choose not to voice it out, or not getting a chance to express themselves, people who always holding on to their past that is painful, full of sorrows, and keeping the baggage, or my teacher calls it ' Garbage' would eventually lead to jealousy, low self esteem. Then this will stays in his or her heart, that is where heart disease formed. As my teacher shared further, she also pointed out that people who are not in good shape, is all due to some kind of experience that they make themselves feel not worthy and started giving up on themselves ( without self realizing it) How scary yey?! So, I got to learn about this book by Louise L. Hey - Heal Your Body A-Z. It's about positive affirmations that could help us to heal our bodies with our positive minds. It says that, The mental causes for physical illness and the book actually provide all affirmations to heal ourselves. The author herself was a vagina cancer suffer, with her background that she was raped when she was 5. As this became a deep resentment in her life, it slowly manifested cancer in her vagina area. Given herself as a teacher of healing for several years, she was very aware that she was being given a chance to practice on herself! She made it! This goes to show that how powerful our mind can be.
It is either makes or breaks us!!! So, it is absolutely our choice to be what we wanna be!!

Why am I sharing this today, because I just met up with some friends ( they are my baking gang), one of them happened to share some sad stories of a friend of hers with us, and we all see that she brought it to herself and there are certain things she did was not quite agreeable among us. In lives, we all have our great pals and true friends, at the same time, we all have enemies too! It is absolutely not smart at all to show your enemies what you are thinking and how you feel at your current plight / position, by calling names, saying some childish remarks that hoping / thinking it would spike your enemy! By doing so, you are actually open up like a book, easily read, where you are telling him or her, how jealous you are, how unhappy you are, how displeased you are now! In fact, that could only make the person feels better, and he or she would just '' Ha ha ha...! he / she is still so upset over it! looser!!!" So, we gave some advice to her ( her friend) that just let it go, holding on to it, is not going to benefit her any bit, and will only lead her to more sorrows, knowing that there is no turning back! Chinese always has this saying '' 勉强没幸福''. Why not just save the time and effort and move on, have a new start in life! This lady friend is sure attractive, capable, and has no short of social network. And we are sure she will get this over pretty soon and shall see her glowing and happy as before. So, whoever reading this and sees me as your enemy, hope you are able to digest this. No point doing things that only showing your weakness, and it's never smart to make your enemy feels good!!

Get alive! may god bless you.


Kimmy said...

Friends may become enemies and enemies may become friends. This change maybe cause by a small misunderstanding and a little deed. Accept them as they are. Given time, things will change...Life is too short to stay put and not move on. Nobody can affects us, its only us that affects ourselves.

Honey boy said...


I am all with you! But, wonder how many people would see the same way as us. They choose their lives, all I could say is all the best for them.

Happy Homebaker said...

What a good read :)
I am lucky that I never have enemies in my life, and I do not know of anyone who sees me as an enemy. I think being contented with what you have will make you a happy person, and a happy person will hardly get sick. I also agree with Kimmy, life is too short and we only live once...if your friend's friend is able to live today as though it is her last day of her life, I am sure she will get out of her sorrows very quickly.

Honey boy said...


If only every one could think the same... And appreciate their lives, that would make it a lot easier. We all wish her get out of the 'garbage ' ground really quickly n hv a brand new start!

Mel said...

Sometimes in life, environment changed in our character and attitude. We may not be that person at first but it just change us. As long as we see it positively and not holding to grudges. Hatred just makes you more miserable in life to go on. We should live to be a happy in person and eventually healthy will be with us.

Honey boy said...


I m really glad to see some of your views and comments. Hope with my post, and comments from you gals , will put this through those who are still dwell over their past.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful advice. Fully agreed with what you shared. Time to move on and to be happy. Forgive is a Grace from God but sometimes being wrongly accused is very hard to move on. Theresa

Honey boy said...


Yes, I truly understand what you mean. but let's think again, if it's a wrong accusation , it'd be easier to let go, as we ourselves know it's not true, and our conscience is clear. Ultimately it's all voice down to us, whether how we want our live to be. It's the same kind of 'holding on' but for different reason/situation. We don't live for other people, but ourselves. We must be happy, and not to make others happy. I also understand, it needs time to let go. But, must let it go.... I am like a old granny here.

lena said...

i hv attended a workshop based on louise hay's heal your life philosophy and yes, we just got to let go..sometimes with all that garbage, we never realise how it actually affects our lives today..those garbage that we have been keeping it in our minds for ages! and yeah, doing affirmations, how to make positive statements to reprogram our minds towards a new life and to love ourselves!nice reading your thoughts here, hope your friend will get over it soon!

Honey boy said...


I am really really blessed to see friends like you(hope you don't mind me calling you friend), share the same mind!! Wish whoever that is still in the down mindset should start to 'heal' after reading our comments. Love what you have shared here! Thanks!

Edith said...

Life is way too short to fuss over unhappy things. When you let go of unhappy memories, there will be more space for happy ones!!!! Let's come together and have tea!!!'


Edith said...

When you let go of unhappy memories, there will be more space for happy ones.

Maybe that girl needs to find courage to take the first step.

Honey boy said...

Well said Edith !!! You are giving a very very simple yet good statement to those who needs a happier live! Even my 5 year old boy told me, if we keep too many lousy things in our mind, there will be no room for good thought!

Yes, we shall have tea and share our happy energy !


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