Paris & London II

Since my last post on London, It's been a busy weeks for me. We had 3 birthday parties to run as well as 3 birthday cakes to make. Slowly I am getting back some times of my own and  thought I should come back to my blog. I mentioned a lot about Chausson A Pommes/ Apple turnover which readers may see more in this post. We started our holidays with Euro Disney, which clearly understood that travelling with a child this magical place could not be missed. He had a good time there looking for his cartoon characters for autographs and some gentle rides. And he wasn't quite lucky on the first day in Disneyland as he only met Mickey and Pooh Bear, the rest were all the princesses. You name it, they had it. Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Mermaid Ariel... He was so disappointed only two familiar characters were there. I told him he could always take a picture and get the princesses' autographs since he's all the way there, but he said princesses are for girls!! Couple days later we went back to Disney Studios and he managed to meet quite a number of his familiar cartoon characters, and it was a happy ending for him.

That was so much for my son in Paris, and for mommy here, I really enjoyed the visit to Paris this time, I have never been a fan of Paris despite been there many times. But since I started baking and blogging, I found there are many purposes to visit Paris. Besides all the Lv, Chanel, bla bla... Paris is a place were many 'Branded' bakeries and Patisseries originated. Even the non branded ones are excellent! And it is indeed a very living up to it's fact, as I would never have anything as good as those I had in Paris. Even a simple set up Patisserie located at the outskirt of Paris has wonderful and unforgettable cakes and bread. I said ''Unforgetable'' is because I still have that ''Millefeuile'' ,(a type cakes/pie with flaky pastry and light custard cream filling in between) taste in my head! I deeply regretted I only had my very first piece of Millefeuile on the last day of my stay in Paris. I should have had it as many as the apple turnover while I was there!

Nearby our hotel, there was a bakery and they serve fantastic bread, sandwich and cake. During lunch hours, the Que was always there. And obviously we had our breakfast there every day and some days lunch as well.

This looks so good isn't it?? 
I wonder can I find something similar in Singapore. Anyone has good suggestion? Do let me know if you know where....


On the second day in Paris, their train company went on strike, and we couldn't go any where so we took a bus to the nearby shopping mall. The mall was huge and not many people. There I found my love - PAUL. I love the ambiance of the tea room and of course not to mention the yummy pastries and viennoiserie!!

   Ordered Palmier  and my Chausson A Pommes for our tea break. Enjoyed every bits of it!

  There are always PAUL every where in Paris, and I would never fail to drop by and grab a bite of Chausson A pommes. That explain why I had 16 of them during the whole of two weeks!


E. Dhillerin, an old name that every cook knows in France. The moment I stepped in to the shop I had only one thing to say. Heaven!!!! ha ha.... I found all the french baking equipments here, there were some I had never came across and they have it all there. If you have a chance to visit Paris, this is a  must to see and buy!!

Not too far from E. Dehillerin, I walked to a shop that sells all kinds of baking ingredients as well as decorating sweets for cakes g. Detou. Again, it made me spent some more......... Both these shops are around the area of Étlenne Marcel and we continue our walk from there to Musée du Louvre, Champ  Elysées...... 

G. Detou

Along the way I hunt for more 'Treasures'. Before I get to Champs Elysées, we had hour early dinner at the oldest outlet of La Duree at Rue Royale which is the area of Madeleine metro station. The best thing about this place is you can find many of the branded food stores like Fauchon, Hediard, Malllie and of course La Duree. Not too far from this area, Piere Herme is just another walk from Madeliene, which is nearby Opéra station metro station. But i did not get to visit Piere Herme at this area though.

This is Fauchon café and the next street to it is the food store. It was strawberry season and we bought some from Fauchon food store which was on 50% off! My son ate the whole punnet on his own, and ask for more!


La Duree

It is hard to see a moment La Duree runs without Que, be it the tea room or the take away patisserie.

This is supposed to be the first outlet open years ago in Paris ( According to source), many tourists or locals would choose to come to this outlet for meals. So did we!! You may notice the tables are all very small and dainty and only enough for two persons, the tea room itself is pretty small too. But I love the ambiance most!! The furniture seems to be like from hundred years ago. We were lucky that we did not wait for long before we got our tables.

How could I come in without ordering my all time favourite caramel and salt macaroon?? It was really yum yum yum!!

                                                          I had my Russian tea.........

          Toasted Raisin Brioche go duck's liver, and my salmon salad.  Read about the feedback on their duck liver was melt in the mouth experience, so hubby gave it a try and it was REALLY good! I love my salmon salad which my son loved it too.

Don't be mistaken, that there wasn't any Queue. The Queue was in the shop as it was near to closing. Glad I managed to take a nice and clear picture of the shop without the crowd!

I shall split this post into two and it is getting too long. Hope my post would give you enough information where to find these yummy places.


Anonymous said…
Your son is truly lucky to travel to so many interesting places with you and your husband. I truly enjoyed reading your blog and hope to travel to all the places you mentioned and eat those wonderful cakes and food that you posted. Also, the cakes you baked are so beautiful. Theresa from USA
Cosy Bake said…

Glad you liked my post. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope you get good info for your next trip to Paris!!
WendyinKK said…
Can't wait to see you utilize the stuff you bought there.
ken bakes said…
Hi, see that you are having a good time. I didn't go to Laduree when I was there - cos I haven't started baking macarons then! Lol. So are the macarons really really that good?
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Ken,

I would say YES! Among all others I have tried like Piere Herme, fauchon and Paul's , laduree has the best macaroons.

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