Pretty Little Roll Cake For My 7th Anniversary

This is obviously a back dated post. I have been trying to catch up with all my posts and hopefully slowly I will get back on track. There should be another post on my new toys bought from London, but I thought I might just forget about it and carry on with my food related posts. (or else I might get some comments like '' show off'' ha ha...)  Well, that is not my point anyway. I could always share my toys as I blog ,using them to make something interesting. Don't you think that would be more ideal?? Shall my blogging experience meet all friendly readers and share my joy with positive mind set people! The reader with ill intentions or who are living in miseries shall stay away from here, and I wish her a healthy mind set set into her as soon as they could enjoy what is blissful before they cause more pain to the people around them.

OK OK... enough of preaching!!! Back to my bakes. It's our anniversary and I made this pretty roll cakes for a tiny celebration. Simple yet really my very best favourite among all. Light and soft sponge filled with creamy double cream and soft set strawberry jam. I got the jam from Marks & Spencer, I always prefer soft set jam, so I gave Marks & Spencer a try. If you are interested, go and check it out. :)


Happy Flour said…
Pretty tempting roll cake! Happy Sweet Anniversary. :)
Anncoo said…
Happy 7th Anniversary!! Those are pretty sweet cakes... Happy Family too :))
Honey boy said…
Happy Flour, Anncoo,

Thanks for the well wishes!
sean said…

honey boy,
你还会想再做moist butter cake吗?
Honey boy said…

谢谢。你是指我上回依照little teo chew 的那个moist butter cake 吗?啡我觉得太甜了。我家人都不是很喜欢。你有好接绍??
DG said…
Happy 7th Anniversary! and the roll cakes are lovely & sweet looking :)
Hi, your roll cakes are so cute and delicious.
Mel said…
I would love to have you share your new "toys" with us so that we can have a look all those unique pans, trays, utensils that you have bought from overseas! Looking forward to your post!
Happy Anniversary ! And the cakes look deliciously lovely !
Anonymous said…
Happy 7th Anniversary. The cakes look so lovely and beautiful.
0620 said…
我也来祝贺一下cosy ^^
祝妳 :天天快乐,幸福满满!!
Honey boy said…
joyce,Theresa, 0620,

thanks for the well wishes!!


Hope will soon have time to bake using the new 'toys'. !!
Honey boy said…
thanks Amelia, Wendy!

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