Vanilla Loaf

I was doing some clearing of my freezer and realized that I have quite a few vanilla pods kept in there. I remember there is a bread recipe which uses these special ingredient for the sweet aroma. I am quite happy with the finishing result of the loaf. Wish it could have been more vanilla taste in the slices. Think I will try adding the whole stick of the pod instead of half the next time I do this bread again.

After I scraped the tiny seeds from the pot, I keep the pod in my sugar jar to make my own vanilla sugar. Somehow, the vanilla pod has a slight different compare to the essence in the bottle. As we all know the real vanilla pods are one of the more pricey ingredients among the others in baking or dessert making. I never really knew why. Till my helper saw me using it for the bread, she told me, her hometown actually has people farm this precious vanilla pods! So I thought I should get her to bring back some for me when she goes back for her holidays. She explained to me, this tiny stick being so expensive is because they are pretty tough to plant and grow!  Out of 5 plants, may be only one will make it to fruit. Therefore, it cost so much for each. So, there are reasons for everything in our lives huh?!

With the vanilla sugar I made some french toast for breakfast the next morning. That was one of the best french toast I ever tried. Imagine, butter, egg, milk, vanilla and raw sugar all come together..... my kitchen was filled with this sweet aroma early in the morning. I especially love the smell of boiling espresso, and the buttery toast in the pan. They both are like Barbie marrying Kent! HA HA HA..... Well, I am sure you know I am trying to say.


Bread Flour  300g
Instant Yeast    3g
Salt   4g
Condense Milk   45g
Milk    207g
Unsalted Butter   30g
Vanilla Pot  1/2 a stick. 


1. Slit the vanillas pot and scrap of the vanilla beans from inside and add it in to the rest of the ingredients.

2. Mix all up and get a rough dough. Knead the dough bu hands for good 15 minutes till it's smooth and springy. Cover the dough and leave it in a warm place to let it rise till double the volume.

3. Bring the well risen dough on work surface, and press out the air. Form the dough in ball shape and let it rest for 15 minutes, covered with the mixing bowl inverted.

4. Shape the dough like Basic loaf and put in the tin to let it have the last rise till double the volume.

5. Bake the loaf in pre heated oven at 200'c for 30 minutes.

6. Cool the baked loaf on wire rack before slicing.


Anonymous said…
wow... I can so imagine the aroma that oozes out of your oven when its freshly baked!

Indonesia exports quite a bit of vanilla nowadays. Problem with the orchid from which these pods are borne is, out of its native land Mexico, there are no natural pollinators. So each flower has to be hand pollinated and within a very short window of about 1/2 a day after the flowers open. In short, it requires quite a bit of attention and is highly labour intensive. So we treasure every vanilla pod we have. :)
CaThY said…
Wow, must be very soft & yummy bread. ;)
WendyinKK said…
Barbie marrying Kent, BLISS is the word :)
I think I'll try vanilla sugar with my french toast next time, Thanks for the tip.
j3ss kitch3n said…
I could imagine the fragrance when you were baking this! the loaf looks so soft and fluffy! amazing texture yum!
I have some vanilla pods sitting on my shelf for who knows how long, wanted to make some vanilla extract but didn't find time to utilise the beans. I also use some to make vanilla sugar, so fragrant!

Your bread looks good!
Cosy Bake said…

thanks for the detail explanations. I have learnt a precious lesson from you! :)
Cosy Bake said…
Cathy, Jess, Wendy,


I am sure you will like the tinted vanilla in your french toast.
Cosy Bake said…
Blessed homemaker,

i was thinking of making my own vanilla essence too! I read about how to do it on this month's Martha Stewart living magazine the other day. Think I should try it out.
the bread so nicely nice and soft! and making own vanilla essence sounds good! (: (:

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