Red Currants Coffee Cupcakes

A simple decoration by just some smooth whipped double cream and top with red currants. Hubby said these are just LAZY CUPPIES!!

I am afraid I would have to agree with him...... ha ha! Too many things to do but too little time I have.

This is a backlog which suppose to be posted last weeks. However, I was stuck by the name of these baby berries!! Tried to search through the web but it took me some times before I came to it - Red Currant. Somehow, at the back of my mind there should be a 'Proper' name for it. If anyone knows do enlighten me please!
I often have the idea of using these baby berries to deco my cakes, but it seems so expensive to get them in Singapore. So I brought them back from my Milan trip. It's a lot cheaper. A punnet was selling at less than S$3! So I thought I should get one and fulfill my wish. It is not the kind of berries that is sweet and tasty. It's rather tart and sour most of the time. So basically, people go for the pretty look than its taste. But if the dessert is more to the sweeter side, they do complement each other. It's such an ornamental fruit to use when it's on the simplest cake presentation. For me it's the best for lazy mommy like me!!! ho ho ho...

I made the sponge base with light coffee sponge and my favourite organic double cream. Or you may make any other flavor like green tea, vanilla, chocolate.... The cream is simply magical. You will fall in love with it!! It is as good as the Japanese double cream. Trust me! ;)


large eggs   2
Violet flour   60g
Castor sugar   60g
Unsalted butter   15g  melted
instant coffee 4g + 20ml water = Coffee paste

Organic Whipping cream  150g
Sugar   10g
Red currant


1. Beat eggs and sugar over hot water till sugar is melted. Move away from hot water and continue beating till ribbon stage. Sift in flour and fold in carefully.

2. Mix melted butter and coffee paste together in a bowl. transfer a small amount of cake batter to the butter mixture and combine them well. Pour the butter mixture back to the batter and fold them together carefully. Pour the cake batter to a 10 cupcake moulds and bake in pre heated oven at170' c for 13 minutes. 

3. Cool the cakes on wire rack after it's baked.

4. Beat cream and sugar till 70% firm ( semi runny texture). Spread whipped cream on each cooled cake and top with red currants. DONE!


simple yet lovely deco (: and i totally agree that those berries are super exp in singapore!
I think they are really called red currants. I've seen them very often on western blogs and once a while I even see white currants.
Jean said…
lazy cupcakes they may be, but they look as good as the "hardworking" ones. love the striking red currants on the snow white cream, they look really beautiful :)
Honey boy said…
Thanks Jean. , Jasmine! I am sure you will like the taste of them too!
Honey boy said…

Thanks for the reassurance. Ta least I know it is really named red currant. Oh, I have seen the white ins too! Wonder how it taste though. :)
CaThY said…
Pretty & classy cuppies! *slurp* =)
Lisa said…
Those cupcakes look so darling and those currants really add a nice pop of color. I have a sweet treat linky party going on at my blog until tomorrow night and I’d like to invite you to stop by and link your cupcakes up.
Honey boy said…
hi Lisa,

thanks for linking....
BumbleVee said…
there is nothing lazy about any home cooking and baking.... lazy is buying it.... you husband is a lucky man to have a wife who cooks and bakes. So many young women nowadays don't cook at all in this country.... a lot of guys are learning to cook because nobody cooks for them... tell him how fortunate he is...

your cupcakes are beautiful...and...oooh...I see a littel pocket pie just below...I'm off to browse some more recipes.... thanks for this one....
Honey boy said…

I will definitely show your comment to my hubby!!! hahaha.....

Thanks for your kind worsd!
Olivia said…
They are so pretty

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