It's always good to be nice.

This is another issue about some not too nice people who would go around blogs and being unfriendly with their comments. Matcha Marble Chiffon. I am always welcome readers who ask me some questions and I will always happy to answer. However, there bound to be some that are not have much EQ when they ask or pass their comments. Which I really do not see that make much sense to anyone. I have read some blogs who had encounter some unfriendly readers with their comments left behind and I thought it's not happen to me. Well, it looks like not! I just wanna share this with all my friendly blogger friends about this, and not to make it a big hooha out of it. But it is just too uncalled for for such thing to happen in our simple and happy blogs. I have deleted once her comment, but.....

Green tea just a simple ingredient that would just taste like GREEN TEA. As well as it's will always look GREEN. So there is no need to think too wild about something else that are not too palatable. Simple thing, why make it so ugly??  I appreciate all my friends that are giving kind words and advice so far. I am always looking forward to your feedback and learn new things from you all. Cheers, and have a happy new year ahead.


Jean said…
i tot the swirls look really beautiful especially after it's being sliced up.

and I can tell the matcha tea powder is of good quality becos I ever bought this poor quality one which turns out mutantish green.

dont worry too much abt the tactless comments. it takes a lot more courage to post your bakes up to share with everyone than hiding behind a computer screen and pass tactless remarks.

pls dont let this discourage you from continuing with your wonderful bakes. jiayou!
茄子 said…

hanushi said…
Honey boy, you always have my support, so don't be affected by those unfriendly comments. Your blog nv fails to win my wows and you are always so friendly and helpful to answer my queries.
Have a nice weekend, dear... :)
Honey boy said…

Thanks for your suppport and kind words. i will not be affected by it much. As i know I have a bunch of well meant and well mannered friends out there who are kind and keen. I promise i will continue with my bakes and share with everyone. Cheers! This blog is a happy blog and only belongs to the happy and positive bunch!
Elyn said…
Dun be bothered by what others said as long as you're enjoying what you are doing. And I do think you're doing good in blogging :) Jia you!

Those dunno how to appreciate quality food need not be given attention further.
Honey boy said…
Hanushi , 茄子,

CaThY said…
Hey Honey boy,
I think your matcha marble cake is very well done! See no evil to those unpleasant comments, we will always support you! *^_^*
edith said…
Hang on there.

Such pple are juz "too free" with their time. I had my fair share too but now they had taught me to be thick skinned. Now these comments I sweat not anymore.

Keep on blogging cos the good are more than the bad.
Honey boy said…
Well said ,Edith, Cathy & Elyn! Yes, we learn as we go. And I always know I have the bunch of goods vs that odd one. :)
I think those might be kids impersonating adults with nothing to do, rather than real adults.
I've got "prominent" bloggers coming by to yawn about my explanations, and another coming over to laugh and jest about my giveaway.
If they are just anon readers, it's not that bad, but they are prominent local bloggers, So, I just ignore them nowadays.
Honey boy said…
Yes Wendy, I know what you mean. The first time that mrs Lim left a comment with blunt and rather no EQ Questions I actually ignored it, however, she came back again and it's rather obvious she came with some kind of ill intentions... (only she knows why) So far we all know there should be some kind of blogger etiquette when comes to posting a comment, but hers was totally not a norm.... I am all well now and will carry on with my blogging, Thanks dear! Cheers!
DG said…
Just ignore those unfriendly comments, and think of the bright side that they just envy of you.
Your matcha marble chiffon looks so pretty with the green swirl in the cake, and I think the texture also perfectly baked. Well done, Honey Boy!
Honey boy said…
Thanks DG,

Come to think about what you have said you are absolutely right! There are some people out there just couldn't see others being good and great and started to have ill thoughts and wanna pass it on with her negative energy. Too bad we are a lot stronger than she thinks!!

Hope you will like the recipe!
I know what you mean as I've got some nasty comments too. I usually delete such comments and I'm glad they never return.

Take it that they are jealous of your talent, think positive :)

And Happy New Year!!
Honey boy said…
Blessed HOmemaker.
Yup, I don't think that Mrs Lim still have cheeks to leave me any more rude comment after this saga. Shall god bless her to be a happier person and be contented with her life. And people around her will be blessed too.

HAppy New yeat to you and family!
Hi Honey boy, there are some people just too free to have done something better, just ignore them, you will always have our support who like to visit your blog :)
Honey boy said…
yes, I agreed... and thanks for your encouragement!
BumbleVee said…
yep...that's what I do. I Just delete them with a click of my finger....what fun ..hahhaha.... gone..poof!

Ignore the idiots... like you say..not enough IQ to be surfing around let alone leaving comments. Some people must have miserable lives.... always being unkind.... if they only knew how much more fun it is to be kind and enjoy the little things in life.
Honey boy said…
Hey BumbleVee,

Thanks! Very well said!!! They simply leading a kind of live that we will never understand. So I have learnt to be more 'Understanding' , shall just ''Abrah,cathebrahhhhh'' !!! and they are gone!! he he..... thanks for your boost. See you more often here....

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