Haiji Loaf

The crumb is as soft as cotton wool. Every time I portion the bread, my fingers will dent the loaf.

Ever since I discovered Haiji White Bun, I have been making it most often than any other bread. So I was thinking what would it be like if I turn it from bun to a big loaf?  Verdict: Ultra soft and smooth bread! The loaf is so soft till it actually have that wobbling effect when handling the loaf!! When I slice the loaf I got to be extra gentle. As my son said it is a baby's butt!


Anonymous said…

Did you use bread flour to dust on the top of the loaf?

Pls advise.

Thanks & Regards,
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Lynn ,

Yes, I dust the top with bread flour, before baking.
hanushi said…
Looks so snow white and soft!! :)
Your #1 Fan said…
Oh...I definitely have to try baking Haiji bread. Looks sooo soft and fluffy! Thanks for sharing.
it look soooo soft and fluffy! yummy (: (:
Happy Flour said…
These looked very soft and once again you had mentioned the softness and lightness of this bread, I definitely must give this a try. Hehehe... actually I already bookmarked this recipe since your first post of this wonderful bread. However my baking list is too...long yet too little time to bake. ;(
Jean said…
wow look like stacks and stacks of pillows! so soft and fluffy :)
This bread looks so soft and light! I would like to try baking one too!
Janine said…
I wasn't too attracted to the tiny "baby butts" previously, but now looking at the soft fluffy loaf and the simple recipe, I'm gonna try this out asap! It looks like the super soft slices I get from those old traditional bakeries!
Cosy Bake said…
Yes, ladies,

This is the bread you would love to have for your family. The only thing you have to take note is, the kneading of the dough must be done really well. Make sure you get a smooth and firm dough before the first proofing. And be careful not to over prove the dough.

Have a good workout for kneading the dough babes!! It is absolutely worth the effort.
sean said…
{L} said…
delicate & delightful =)
Anonymous said…
pls may i know how long does it take for the 1st proofing of dough for it to be double in volume (i'm from spore)?
thks in advance. Belle :)
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Belle,

You are most welcome! I am p,ease to answer any of your question as long as I can.

Usually the first proofing will need about one hour in a warm place. Just have to make sure you use a good and active yeast. :) do let me knownif younhave any questions again.
Anonymous said…
thk you so much for your kindness :) I do have some more qns:
1. Did you knead dough by hand or machine? Your recipe said to knead for 10 mins, if i knead by hand, how long should i knead?
Is this dough sticky n hence difficult to manage?

2. just to double check with you that the final proofing is 40 minutes before baking in oven?

3. if baked bun is kept for the next day, is it still good n soft?

i hope to bake it soon n will let you know the outcome. thk you once again. Belle :)
Cosy Bake said…

I use machine to knead for the initial mixing stage, and knead for good 5 minutes before hands kneading. I would knead for another 10 minutes by hands.

The dough is very friendly in fact. Not sticky at all.

The final proofing is 40 minutes if you are making buns, and you would wanna give another -15 minutes more for a loaf.

The buns stayed soft and smooth till the next day. The key of this buns is to make sure your kneading is done properly and not over prove the dough.

Hear from you again and let me know the rsult.
Unknown said…
wow this is looks so fluffy...shld make them one of these days...you are such one of those talented one - from cakes ,buns..etc...tx for sharing :)
Cosy Bake said…

Thanks! Hope you will like the Haiji buns.
PreciousPetite said…
Hi...love love your blog! I have tried the haiji bun..now want to try to make haiji loaf. Just wondering do you cut the dough into 4 portions and proof in loaf pan? Thanks!
Cosy Bake said…

the four portions in rolled up like a swiss roll then place them in the tin for the final proof. Do make sure you grease your tin or use a none stick tin ya.
bshaw said…
can you please share me the recipe of Haiji loaf they look so good


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