Baby Sugar Free Birthday Cake

Who says baby foods are not nice?? A sugar free baby birthday cake may not be as tasty as the adult's. But it is definitely healthier.

A cake for a baby girl who turned one yesterday, and her mommy requested this special cake for her so that she could enjoy her very first birthday cake without the worry of sugar!

When the cake first came out from the oven, I could smell the sweet smell of banana and raisins. It's absolutely smells great! The texture of the cake was little dry compared to the usual birthday cake, it's something like muffin with very little sweetness. I frost it with cream cheese maple syrup which is another recipe meant for babies. However, the frosting was rather tricky to handle. It needed quite a few rounds of chill and frost before I complete the decoration. According to The mommy, baby gal like birds and butterflies, so I made the birds with fondant and some sugar butterflies. :)

What could be better to know baby Gracie loved the cake!!


ann low said…
This birthday cake looks so sweet and pretty. I really like that birthday tag :)
Cooking Gallery said…
The cake is adorable, I like the two blue birds...:)!!
hanushi said…
Wow, you have successfully completed a difficult challenge... I wont be able to do this!! Well done. The baby girl is really lucky... :)
Jean said…
the cake looks so angelic and adorable. fit for a beautiful baby girl :)
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks for the nice words ladies! It was quite tricky for me to figure out how to place the fondant birds as they would melt if direct contact with the cream cheese frosting. I am glad it turned out quite sweet and pretty with the help of the Tag and waffle daisies... :)

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