Milano Church

                       The Milano chirch square is located at the subway station named- Duomo. A very convienient way of travelling from the hotel to this beautifull place.
                                           Look out for the names of lanes and streets......

                                                       Along one of the shopping streets.

             Smoked Tuna with lots of rocket leaves top with Balsamic dressing. It was my everyday must have breakfast dish. Now I like smoked tuna better than smoked Salmon any time!

One of the restaurant along the shopping arcade. They have many good restaurants there, and I love the 'Green House' sitting area. It's so romantic and cosy.

                            Love the architecture of these building. It is so Italian with every glance.

 We settled down in this old restaurant, which we really had a great lunch here. Will always wanna go back there again.

                                                    Another restaurant across ours.

                                          All time favourite, Seafood pasta. This will never go wrong!

                                                   Best Minestrone soup so far.

                                                              Pasta Vongole

                                              Fantastic Tiramisu for the happy ending of our meal.

                                  He had almost the whole dessert by himself! Who could resist??

I must count myself a lucky woman which I get to go on 2 holidays in such a short period of time. :) I am very grateful and always appreciate the presence. Tag along on hubby's working trip to Milan last week( last minute decision), and we spent our Valentine's day there. What could be better??! Though I didn't get to buy much 'new toys', the trip has far more than what I got from that. The greatest thing is my son learnt to like Italian food!! ha ha... food again.

It's still winter in Europe, however, the temperature was wonderful. I didn't need to put on my hat to keep my ears warm nor gloves for my hands. Love the misty weather, which I know not many people would. Well, I simply enjoy the cold. However, the stay were too short which we missed the chance to go to Como lake which is one hour away from the central station. I was there about ten years ago, was so looking forward to it this trip but with the rainy days we gave it a miss.Shall hope my next visit will be able to bring back the pictures of Como Lake.

 The hotel we stayed offered really good breakfast buffet, which I love the smoked fish salad platter the most. The sweetness of the smoked tuna was awesome couple with Mozzarella cheese, cucumber, white onion, capers, and the sweet Balsamic dressing. (Think I am getting hungry again.) This is something we would not eat for breakfast in Singapore I am supposed. But we brought back the same ingredients to make it for our next few days' breakfast dish! Yes, I know I am crazy. Well, I guess that's one of the main purpose I tag along for the trip! Everywhere I go, I would not miss the local supermarkets and always have something to bring back. That is me!! he he.... The hotel manager has been really kind and friendly to us, from the day we checked in. A small present from him to my son was a  Italian police toy car, my little boy was so happy and kept looking for ' Toy Car Uncle' every time we went to the lobby. And many other small gestures from him that really made our stay a pleasant one. :)  I managed to finish up a post during the trip, which was Vanilla loaf,  or else there will be some backlog to clear.


DG said…
Very beautiful city. These look like really great places to visit. Thanks for sharing these interesting places & foods with us.
Anonymous said…
I'd always love the gothic look of the Milano church and longed to be there... Thanks for bringing it to us. :) more pictures and more writeups please!!!
Cosy Bake said…
DG, travellingfoodies,

Glad you like my post on Milano......

It was too short the time and too many places and food to eat!! Wish could cover more places.... :)
WONDERFUL! so much fun and joy to travel to many places in such short time (:

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