Holidays - San Francisco

                   Crate & Barrel. The shop that sells many household stuff which I found many interesting tools.

Macy's ; one of the main departmental stores I must visit.

Well well well, this is THE shop I have been long for revisit. A place where I could spend hours and hours which my hubby could never understand why......  Williams-Sonoma

You wouldn't believe even Williams Sonoma was having the Ballet display.

While I was there, I could see most of the shops display windows were having their Ballerinas for the SFO Ballet opening night saga . Wish I could be there for the opening night.

A display window with all the old French baking tools & molds.

On the third level, here are the cooking ingredients......


                                             All the cook books you can find here.

 A cooking demo area with all the sophisticated equipments. Again I wasn't lucky to be one of the audience.

Spices,sauces and pasta.

I love these retro pan cake mix packaging. I used to buy them before I got into serious baking and making my own pan cake from scratch. Reason being the tins were too cute not to buy them. ha ha....

Take a look at this latest KitchenAid stand mixer. How cool!  I love the glass bowl!!


      Took a pix of the shop from the ground floor while I was at the cashier...

Well, it's February. So every where was about Valentine's day. So do the ice cream cones! Cool huh?

A local bakery with their famous sour dough bread. Which I find it's too sour for my taste though. We could see them almost every where.

                                 Here we are at Fisherman's Wharf.


A fairy tale look crepe shop where we could see how it''s made.

The highlight for my little one are these Sea Lions.

                                     Thin and soft layers of hot Nutella crepe was perfect for the weather.


                                                Another Boudin outlet along Pier 39.

Walking back from Fisherman's Wharf through China Town.

 Ferry Building Marketplace. I took a long walk all the way along Market Street from Union Square. Ouch!!!

                                            You can find all  kinds of mushrooms here.

                                    My highlight of the trip to the marketplace... miette.

Love the layout of the shop.

  Yes, I couldn't help it but bought one lemon cupcake. It's hard to resist the pretty look of it.
  How sweet!!


Anonymous said…
Seems like you had a great trip :)

Wow! The Williams Sonoma shop looks huge and stacked with all kinds of cool stuff. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Wow the WS store looks big. And you managed to take pictures. Usually the sales people will stop customers from taking fotos.

Seems like you grabbed lots of good stuff!

Envy : )
Cosy Bake said…
Bc, you are most welcome!
Cosy Bake said…

hi, yes, it's v big store.... It's like a paradise to me!!!! hahha.... Think i was lucky they didn't stop me taking pix. :)
You know what? I was on a holiday in SFO but we didn't do much sightseeing. I spent 2 full days at the outlets :P Wish I had gone around like you did.
Betsy said…
What a wonderful trip! Your pictures brought out many good memories from my trip to SF in 2004.

I love Williams Sonoma... I try to visit the store more often than I should.... everything is to well presented! My husband will also not spend too long in the store....

I am looking for a rum cake recipe... do you have one you can recommend?

(I used to be nutpi.blogspot, now I am only concentrating on my dog´s blog).

Thanks for sharing your pictures!
Cosy Bake said…
hi Betsy,

WS store is one place I will not miss.....

Do you mean rum cake that has mix fruits in it?
Betsy said…
Yes, WS is fantastic! There is a pastry shop around the corner from me that have a variety of mostly, individual cakes etc. Once they they had a kind of muffin looking bunt cake that was soaked in rum. It was so delicious but I have never seen it there again. I bought the rum but I need a recipe now.

I am not a fruit cake fan, at the most I can accept currants in the cake.


Jane Chew said…
mmm...must be a memorable trip. Lovely pics.
Cosy Bake said…

I get what you mean.... Lee me flip through my 'Bibles' haha... Think I may have what you want! Please give me some time ya??! Cheers!


Thanks! whish i can go back to SFo soon though.
Betsy said…
Many thanks! Take your time, I know you are busy!


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