Palm Sugar Steamed Cake

I was exploring others blog for this old fashion steam cake and I was blessed to found one that is simple to make with really yummy recipe!! Big thank to The Kitchen 70's .

I love watching the cake 'Exploding'while steaming in the wok with the glass lid. I was patiently waiting for the first 5 minutes, then got into exciting mode when it started to rise up with a dome shape. Slowly I could see the slit followed by the volcano top! ha ha..... A really great experience!

When I was living in my hometown, there was this middle age lady who sell this very delicious steam cake where we like to eat it with some fresh coconut rind. I enjoyed every bit of it and I always ended up eating the cake as my dinner! That shows how crazy I could be. Another reason being was, the lady she  made them from home and we have to go to her house to see if she was selling them for that day, as she would only do it as and when she feels like. So I being a greedy kid then, I would rather eat the most on those days she did sell them. The best part of it was, every time we bought the cake, they were always hot and fresh from the steamer!! Awhh... what an unforgettable steamed cake it was.  Well, it's just a simple and ordinary steamed cake, yet it's enough to leave a big memory behind. :)


WendyinKK said…
Sounded very exciting. Too bad my wok cover is not transparent, LOL.

Sometimes, old recipes are sort of like forgotten , thanks for reviving this.
I'm so envious! I've tried steaming traditional cakes but never get big nice splits :-(
Cosy Bake said…

Sometimes waiting to see the end product can be very excited too. But I just don't have that patient!! haha..

Blessed Homemaker,
I seldom make steamed cakes either. And not all the time I got it 'smile' to me this much!
hanushi said…
Your steamed cake looks very full and pretty... Hehe... :)

Curious where is your hometown btw? :)
Cosy Bake said…

Thanks, I came from a small town of johor called mersing.

It's a fishing port actually..... :)
dailydelicious said…
Oh, I really want to try this, but I can't read Chinese :(

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