It started with my son's lunch box to school... As many of you know my son is a bread freak, he would eat anything with bread. Since the very first burger lunch box I made for him couple of months back, he's been requesting for different types of bread base lunch to bring to school. So this is the latest - Maxican Taco. 

The first time I made this, it turned out very well. So I thought it's should be one of my blog lists. The real trick for a thin and neat Taco is the beef filling has to be DRY!. Or else, you will never get a pretty and little crisp Taco. At the same time, while rolling out the shape before cooking it, it is going to be a messy job!!

The recipe has very simple ingredients, and I skipped the chili powder of course. I also added some chopped mushroom in it to enhance the nutrition value in this Taco. I am supposed we can add anything we like, though it may not be the REAL Taco anymore.

This post should be my last post before my trip to San Francisco, and shall hope I will be able to bring back some interesting 'Toys' from there for my baking. I shall try my best to get in touch with the Internet while over there, and see if I can do some updates. .....

Minced beef marry cheese will never go wrong. My son loved the chewy texture and the crisp of the crust. It's such a convenient food I should say. Side with some raw greens, just makes me feel healthier....


j3ss kitch3n said…
honey boy your taco looks amazing =)

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