Ice Cream That Never Melt

Home sweet home! I am back from my 8 day trip, and it seems so quickly the days past. While I was up loading the pictures, I found this back lot pictures I was supposed to post some times back.  

The idea was found in one of my books, and I find it quite fun to bake them for young kids to have it as party snack. However, the ice cream cone would go soft after a while out in the room temperature. And the texture becomes soggy. I didn't follow the recipe in the book though. Just fill the cones with the simple Victoria Sponge and top with some raisin. The sponge is really soft and fluffy. My son liked it a lot as it looks like ice cream in the cone that will not melt no matter how long her take to finish one.


CaThY said…
Very nice! I did something similar before aso. ;)
So cute! Now you can have your cake and lick it :-)
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Experimental cook,
Yeah, what a special coMbination!
Vivian said…
Can i ask if you pour in the batter in the cone and bake it? Or you bake it and put the cake on top? >< If you put the batter in and bake, can i know the temperature and time for it? Ty!
Cosy Bake said…
Hi Vivian,

I pour the batter into the ice cream cones and bake. I baked them at 170'c for about 15 minutes. :)

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