The Real Thing - Double Cream


Well well well, this is the right thing to do!!! This is the real thing about double cream. Enjoying the real thing is what most important to me. It's fresh, it's creamy, it's smooth, it's sooo...... DOUBLE CREAM!

People asked me how did I bring back the cream since no liquid allowed on board the plane... I took a risk packing the cream in my cargo bag , wrapped with layers of plastic bags and put it in a cooler bag with some ice packs! Well, it's was rather long story..... I bought quite a lot of other stuff and brought them back safely,  wish I could brought back more!! Really never had enough of London!

Beside the Japanese fresh cream, this should be the one I love the most. Or rather, I must say both Japanese and the Brits double cream have little differences. I said they are different in terms of texture, colour and taste. Japanese is kind of light and more refreshing. Also, when it's whipped, it's less solid compared to the Brit's. Colour wise, the Brit's has got more yellow tone than the Japanese. So when comes to decorating cakes like strawberry shortcake, the Japanese cream score better marks. Frankly, both are great. They are what I call the ' Real Thing' . That's why it make the scones taste so good with this double cream. I made some scones to go with the cream, and it was almost close to the ones I had while in London. (Though my scones texture are not quit near..) After I have finished this precious tub, I'm gonna miss it again.


Anonymous said…
Double cream is the best! I am a fan of whole Milk, when I was growing up and living in Sweden my mother always used to by Gammaldagsmjölk which literally translated to oldstylemilk. It had extra fat and you could could feel little lumps of fat when you drank it! Even as of today I prefer high fat content milk, heavy cream and double cream cheeses! Yummy!

I enjoyed all the pictures of your trip to London, looks very tempting!
Cosy Bake said…
Hi hi nutpi,

Yes, same here, I always go for full or even better high fat dairy products! So are you a Swedish ? Wow, I'm sure those old style milk tasted fantastic. I really wish could get a taste of it. Haha... But in japan they do have high fat milk. Those are really smooth and rich. We can get milk like what you mentioned with the cream lumps in singapore, but it's the organic milk from US. It comes in a thick glass bottle. However, the taste is not that rich nor creamy though.

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