Princess Roll Cake

Would anyone wonder why is this roll cake has this crooked shape.... Yes, I have tried my very best to roll the sponge up as smoothly as possible. But, I think that's the best I could do. Reason being, I HAVE NOT master the rolling skill, and the sponge was made using the separated eggs method, AND it needs to be put in the piping bags and pipe out the batter on the tray so that I can have that dual coloured sponge. I hope whoever reading this post is able to understand what I am trying to say. Therefore, the sponge is not the usually roll cake that's soft and fluffy type. However, it still has the moist sponge. I filled it up with butter cream. And I made this simply because I like the look of it!


Anonymous said…
Yes, it's not easy rolling up the cake.
The overall effect still looks very pretty. Good work!

Cosy Bake said…
Thanks BC,
I guess I won't 'dare' to make something like that for the time being. Or rather blog this type of cake so soon. Unless I have one that is nicely rolled up... hehe....
Anonymous said…
Practise makes perfect. Don't worry about it. You are doing well.


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