Places I Love to be in London


                                    'Paul' a French bakery I love. They serves really good croissants.

                                                                       Oyster anyone?


                                                                 'Paul' at Tower Bridge.

                                                              The high light.......

They have really good Macaroon too.

Hungry? Have a quick bite.

Prices of things is the UK have gone up quite a bit.

London Eye

                                                     Who doesn't know him??

A lovely little cottage at the corner of St. James's Park. every passer by would sure to make a stop and have a good look of it. The little farm is growing with some veg and pretty flowers. How cosy it is.

                                                 Friendly little fella, Mr. Squirrel.....

The moment my little boy been waiting for..... Feeding the ducks and swan made him the happiest boy on earth. He couldn't forget every moment of it.

Making friends with the ducks.

                                                   Mr. Ducky asking for more bread.

Having it's sun tanning with his wings wide open.

Another new friend he made.

                                          Natural History Museum was a wonderful place for kids.


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