Ham Roll Two Ways

I have slowed down a little bit on my blogging lately. Feeling tired, and not sure what I wanna blog! There so may things in my head that I wanna make, yet couldn't pick one at a time to do it. Is that what we called - Women?! ha ha....
Well, back to my cosy kitchen. I made these ham rolls last night. The combinations of butter roll and ham really paired very well. The butter roll has a light sweetness and give the bun a very tasty result. I made them 2 ways as there are two different recipes that presented 2 different types of finishing. One hidden ham roll, and an open ham roll topped with mayonnaise and peas.
The shaping of the open roll just wrap the ham in a flat dough and roll up like a Swiss roll. Fold the roll in half, and give a slit through the folded part, then open up the slit. Before baking the rolls, brush on some egg brush and top with mayonnaise and peas.


Kitchen Corner said…
Both looks nice! I think this butter roll recipe is good. I like the smooth and shinny looks on the bun. Hey, come on! Wake up and bake something! Keep going ya!
Cosy Bake said…
Kitchen Corner,

Ha ha.... Thanks dear. Yes, I must wake up!!! feeling so sorry for not blogging much lately. Shall keep looking out what to bake next!!

This butter roll recipe is very good. It stays soft even till the next morning.

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