Egg and Tuna Mayo Buns

Few days ago, saw the Hearty Bun from HHB's blog. She inspired me to make some of these. I went through my recipe books and chosen a bun recipe which turned out OK. It's soft when it was fresh from the oven. However, it didn't last till the next morning. Instead of the tuna filling, I made the egg n tuna mayo, top with some Italian dried herbs.
Beside the Heart shape, I also made some into Flowers. But my little one said it's Star Fish!! He was kind enough to finished a bun to himself although I think it's not up the the expectation. :)


Kitchen Corner said…
haha.. I think children got a very different point of view and their imagination is greater than us! It could be star fish :)
Happy Homebaker said…
It is not easy to shape a bread dough, there is no control how the dough will expand during the second proofing. So, just tell your child it is a star fish ;)
Cosy Bake said…
Kitchen Corner & HHB,

Yes, i must agree with both of you. Kids' has much more imaginations than we do. So I agreed with my boy's eyes!

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