Delicious Home Made Style - Banana Muffins

Using the Berry berry berry Muffins recipe, I added banana which is my all time favourite when comes to muffins. If only I could have the most effective description to tell you how wonderful is the muffin's' texture. It's soft, moist and flavourful. I will always come back to this recipe for all other flavor muffins.


Happy Homebaker said…
I made some berry muffins too :) The blueberries I bought was a little sour, so I used them for baking. I like the idea of adding bananas to the recipe...this fruit has got this magical power of making bakes soft and fragrant!
Cosy Bake said…

Yes, I always like banana cake and muffins. Especially during baking. That sweet smell simply makes me feel like making myself a cup of tea and waiting to eat the cake...

I will do the same when bought some small and sour blueberries. Otherwise would boil them with maple syrup to go with pancakes for breakfast.

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