Rich Rolls

Yes, another bread roll recipe. A very soft and sweet roll great for picnic and snack for our kids. You may wrap in some cream cheese, which I did. My boy is a big fan of cream cheese. So I thought it'd be great he can enjoy both his bread and cheese for his snack time.
The steps are pretty similar to the butter roll which I posted earlier.
I didn't have almond flakes, so I use whole almond for deco.


Bread flour 500g
Skim milk (milk powder) 10g
Instant yeast 9g
Sugar 50g
Natural salt 9g
Warm water 310g
Egg 30g
Unsalted Butter 50g
Almond flakes for deco.

1. Dissolve skim milk, sugar, salt, egg in 1/4 cup water.
2. Add in flour and remaining water to form a dough.
3. Knead dough till smooth and springy, add in butter in 3-4 portions. Use wrapping technique.
After butter is well kneaded into dough, cover dough and let it rise till 2-2.5 bigger.
4. Bring dough onto work top, divide into 24 portions. Roll them into ball shapes and let it relax
for 20 minutes.
5. Flatten each dough ,roll them up to get a ball shape, place them on baking tray and let them have the last proof for 60 minutes or dough rise to 2-2.5 times bigger. Brush rolls with egg wash, and decorate them with almond flakes and bake in preheat oven 180'c for 15-18 minutes.


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