Hotel Bread

Hotel Bread ? I was wondering what is a Hotel bread when I first saw the recipe. However, I got to know it's actually a normal white bread that is made with rich ingredients like milk and cream. And hotels in Japan serve very good quality bread for breakfast, therefore this white bread is enriched with milk and cream to get the soft n smooth texture. It's a great recipe which the bread sponge will stay soft and smooth til next 2 days!
I let my Kitchen Aid mixer does the sticky job and later part I bring dough onto work top to give further kneading.
I also used the special selected bread flour from Nisshin which is not available locally. But it's perfectly fine we use the normal bread flour.
Bread 250g
yeast 3g
Salt 5g
Sugar 20g
Warm water 85g
Double cream 20g
Milk 80g
Unsalted butter 15g
1. In your mixing bowl, sieve in flour. Add salt , sugar, yeast, cream and milk.
2. Add in water to the flour mixture and let it knead till you get a sticky dough. Add in butter into 3 portions and make sure it's well combined, and get a smooth and springy dough. Bring dough to work top and hand knead till smooth and none sticky to hands. form a ball and let it rise for 60 minutes till 2-2.5 size bigger.
3. Bring dough on work top, divide into 2 portions. let the dough relax for 10 minutes. Always cover dough with cloth.
4. After the 10 minutes, roll dough flat to get a rectangular shape. Fold the long sizes to centre. Roll the dough up from the narrow edge that which will make the dough looks like a Swiss roll. Put both dough into a loaf tin have a last proving for 60 minutes and bake in preheat oven at 200'c for 30 minutes. You may brush egg wash before baking or brush with melted butter after baking.
5. Cool the loaf on wire rack immediately after baking.


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