Martha's Old - Fashioned Pancakes

How is everyone's weekend so far? Had your best brunch on a relax and slow pace Sunday? 
How about this soft and fluffy old fashioned pan cake, and a cuppa? Please join us!!

As usual, weekends are the days my boy would make his special requests for his favourite choice of breakfast or brunch. He loves every drop of maple syrup's fragrance and sweetness that drizzle on his pan cake. I realized I ran out of yogurt and buttermilk, which usually used in my pan cake making. And, I started searching for none yogurt/buttermilk pancake recipes. With today's convenience of internet, this will never be much of an issue for a last minutes recipe search.
Martha Stewart will always the first comes to my mind when I am in need of such thing. I have been her fan for almost 20 years, from buying her magazines issue after issue, till she has her magazine available on IPad's apps. But, keeping magazines are taking up too much space and I odd to have some kind of clearance to make room for my new 'Hobbies'. Doing it slowly, bit by bit..... looking through the pages, cutting out those that I would always wanna keep as most of her ''Good Things'' are truly good things that we can practice on our daily lives. This Old Fashioned pancakes recipe is sure to win your ( and your family) heart when you are out of ideas what to create for your Sunday brunch. The simple ingredients are sure to be ready in your pantry and fridge. When your kids make his or her special weekend requests, you will be able to impressed!!

It's time to get back to 'work'..........


Anonymous said…
May I know whats the difference between butter milk and milk and where to get them?

Also, is yoghurt needed for making pancakes and do you know where to get the yellow whipped thingy that you can find in macdonalds big cakes breakfast in spore?


Cosy Bake said…
Hi Anne,

Butter milk is the leftover liquid after butter are being churned from milk. It has a thick consistency like yogurt. Usually pancake recipe that called for yogurt or buttermilk are softer and has a little taste of tang. Buttermilk can be bought at most supermarkets in face.
The yellow whipped thingy is actually whipped margarine. But, I don't take margarine at all. I always eat my pancakes with butter or fesh double cream. Hope I am able to help with your questions. Let me know if you like this old fashioned pancake recipe. Happy cooking!
Anonymous said…
thanks, but i really love the whipped thingy fm macdonalds the best haha...

wats the difference between fresh double cream and normal cream ?i worry i cant finish the double cream and really waste the rest..

Cosy Bake said…
Fresh double cream that available in Singapore is a lot thicker than the normal cream, and no added stabilizer.
Anonymous said…

I would like to ask you something if you do not mind.

If we make bread at home and it calls for proofing and we are supposed to cover it with a damp towel..may i know should the towel touch the dough? whats the purpose of covering it with a damp towel?when covering it, can we "open" it to check the dough?what happens if we do open it or what happens if we "overproof" it?any harm?

Cosy Bake said…
Hi Ellie,
I well come all questions regarding baking. I will try my best to help. :)

Using damp cloth to cover proofing dough is to keep the dough moist so that it will rise nicely. If the dough starts to form a dry surface tie will not rice much as the dry crust will give some resistance to the dough as it try to stretch and ' grow' .i usually use cling film just wrap around the rim of the proofing bowl and let the dough rise. It is perfectly fine to open the towel to check on the dough to see how the dough is doing. In the event the dough is overproofed, you may wanna use it as pizza dough instead of making it as loaf, as your bread will not be soft and ligh, as the same time it will not rise very high as a bread loaf should be, on top of that it will turn
smelly like beer taste. Hope My explanations are clear
and helpful.
Anonymous said…


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