Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sweet Bread

                                                      The simple and basic look of some sweet buns........

It's been more than two years since I started this blog, yet I didn't take note of it, and even missed the first year anniversary.... time past really quickly without us knowing, with our daily routines running day in and day out, I wonder what had I missed.... But I know baking is something I will always have in my mind and looking for more to try out. Just wish that I can be more organize in many ways, so that I can enjoy more. 

This Sweet Bread is one of my early post, when first started. A bread that best for a slow and quiet afternoon . Of course no one would say no to it when I make this for breakfast. Brewed a pot of Assam tea and hubby's Italian coffee, would make a perfect tea time at home, before I start preparing for dinner.... I count myself lucky, in the sense that I do get some quiet afternoon with hubby whenever he's home and while our boy goes for class. I'm truly appreciate this and blessed. May all the kind souls be blessed in lives!


Mel said...

What is Assam Tea? I have never heard of it. Just want to say, I love your blog as you post your unique recipes here!!

Joceline Lor said...

Look very nice!!! i like sweet bun very much. Will try it when i free. Thanks for sharing.

Honey boy said...

Hi Mel,

Thanks for your kind words. And really glad you like my blog! Hope to 'see' you more often here. :)

Assam tea is a kind of black tea from India , just like Ceylon tea, and assam tea is one of the blend in English breakfast tea. These three types are belong to the strong black tea group.I love to make ice lemon tea using Assam tea. It's absolutely yumm! Check the website of Whittard.co.uk they might have a good explanation on these teas.

Honey boy said...

Joceline, hope to hear good feedback from you!

Lite Home Bake said...

Hi, your blog has been inspiring to me and I would like to share a blog award with you. Do hop over to get it :) Have a nice day!


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