Another Awards...

I a short month, this is the second award I received from one of our local popular bloggers - Happy Home Baking . Would like to thank her for sharing the award with me and other great home bakers cum bloggers. I am not quite an active blogger I must confess. Hence, not many readers know about me. Worse still, I am getting lazier lately to update my blog!!  For me to be awarded, I am truly honored.

I would love to share this award with other bloggers:

The Kitchen 70's
Jane's Corner
Even's Kitchen Rambling 
Bitter Sweet Flavours
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Kitchen Corner
Sugar and Everything Nice


tracieMoo said…
Hi Honey Boy,
I wouldn't have thought i'd receive an award after so long of not updating my blog!

Thank you!! :D
J.O said…
谢谢你~Honey Boy(^.^)
Cosy Bake said…
You are well deserve the ard!!
Wah, feel like Christmas! 拿奖品拿到手软!。。。哈哈哈 So obnoxious, reminded me of the inappropriate outburst by Fann Wong many years ago...hahah. Seriously, thank you so much for thinking of my blog, I am truly flattered.

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