Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Badminton Theme Cuppies

A request of a friend to make these Badminton theme cupcakes for a six year old little girl who loves to play badminton.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pretty Little Roll Cake For My 7th Anniversary

This is obviously a back dated post. I have been trying to catch up with all my posts and hopefully slowly I will get back on track. There should be another post on my new toys bought from London, but I thought I might just forget about it and carry on with my food related posts. (or else I might get some comments like '' show off'' ha ha...)  Well, that is not my point anyway. I could always share my toys as I blog ,using them to make something interesting. Don't you think that would be more ideal?? Shall my blogging experience meet all friendly readers and share my joy with positive mind set people! The reader with ill intentions or who are living in miseries shall stay away from here, and I wish her a healthy mind set set into her as soon as they could enjoy what is blissful before they cause more pain to the people around them.

OK OK... enough of preaching!!! Back to my bakes. It's our anniversary and I made this pretty roll cakes for a tiny celebration. Simple yet really my very best favourite among all. Light and soft sponge filled with creamy double cream and soft set strawberry jam. I got the jam from Marks & Spencer, I always prefer soft set jam, so I gave Marks & Spencer a try. If you are interested, go and check it out. :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raisin Brioche

Yes, I managed to join this moth's Aspiring Bakers #8 Bread Seduction! My first Brioche making using my Brioche mold I got from William Sonomas. Another reason making these cute little Brioche is because hubby started to like Brioche since he tasted Laduree's raisin brioche in Paris. He liked it when it's toasted with that crisp bite. It would be more ideal if I make a brioche loaf I'm supposed? It has very soft texture, yet very rich crumb. The yolks in the recipe has given the crumb the colour and richness. No wonder my friends used to tell me if you are going on diet, better not touch brioche!


Make six regular size brioche.

Bread Flour  150g
Yeast   2g
Sugar   23g
Salt  2g
Unsalted Butter   30g
Egg Yolk   2
Warm Water  60g

1. Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl till you get a sticky dough. Bring it out on work top and knead till the dough become smooth and springy.

2.Cover the dough in a bowl with a damp cloth let it rise till double the volume.

3. Divide the dough into 6 equal portions and let it rest for 6 minutes.

4. Cut a small knot of dough from each portion and roll it to a cone shape. Shape the big portion into a doughnut ring and tuck the cone shaped dough into the center of the doughnut whole. Put each shape dough into brioche mold and let it rise for about 45 minutes. Brush the dough with egg wash and bake them in 180'c pre heated oven for 13-15 minutes

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Toys ....

 These are some of the baking tools bought during my Paris and London trip and I got theme from E. Dehillerin. The French wire rack (extreme right) I got it from Summerill & Bishop in London. Love the rustic look, do you? The wire rack was the last piece left in the shop, and I was hoping they will have new stock in different sizes coming in, but the owner told me there will not be any as the supplier stop producing this beautiful wire rack. I know there are some part of the world still selling this French style wire rack, but I have no idea where can I get it. If any one has any suggestions please do drop by and let me know.

This is a tray mold for making a type of French dessert/ pastry called 'Cat's Tongue' . The gentlemen in the shop was kind to explain to me in his French accent English which I always love to hear!!  I have never tasted any 'Cat's Tongue' neither do I have a recipe to make them. If anyone of you do have a good recipe, please share with me?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Raphael Turned Four!

                                     Not quite a good job done, but it's all my hard work though.


Time flies.... My little boy is four! Promised to make him a Thomas cake, for him to celebrate in school with his friends.  Never did I know that it takes so much time and effort to 'Bulid' a train! I slept at 2.30a.m. a day before his birthday celebration as I was trying my best to complete his 3D Thomas the tank engine cake. Yet, I did not do a good job, though it's my first 3D cake.  Guess what is his next year's request ??

Made a second cake to celebrate with family members and I know I couldn't 'Build'another train no more, so just simply make a small round cake top with Thomas topper and some Swiss butter cream cuppies. Simple yet yummy! It's hard to resist the butter cream.....  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Princess Cake for Lauryn

Holiday is over, it's time to get back to work! Made this princess cake for a friend's daughter's fifth birthday. It's my very first princess cake ever, and I am pretty pleased with the end result! Princess Lauryn was so thrilled to see her princess cake as she is in the age of princesses dreams. I am so glad I made her a happy little princess! 

Extra Thick Double Cream

Brought this extra thick double from London with the rest of the goodies. This is surely sinful but once in a while I think it'd be OK. Thanks god I don't live in London where I might get myself into deep trouble!!  
This is thick and creamy, it went perfectly well with scones and breakfast pan cakes.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Paris & London III

Piere Hermé

Piere Hermé's Chocolate, Olive with Vanilla cream, Passion fruit with chocolate cream and Jasmine macaroons. 

This is it, the famous Patesserie Piere Hermé. It's not allowed to take any picture inside the shop, so I only managed to take from the outside. This is not a big shop compared to the one at Madeleine. I almost missed the shop while I was looking for it. I walked ups and downs the street three times and couldn't see it until the a shop we visited told me it's just 3 doors away from them!!! Was I blind or what?! This outlet is at the metro station named St. Germain des-prés. At the same time I was looking for this boulangeri called Poilane, which is nearer to Mabillion St. Sulpice. They are actually among the same area , but the streets there were so many and I had no idea where I was suppose to go. However, I didn't find this bakery that good (may be I am not French who can appreciate). I tried their Chausson a pommes, and it was quite a disappointment. But I find their little butter cookies Punitions were great! It comes in the shapes of spoons and forks. I think all kids and adults would love it.


Notre Dame Church

A big bonus on visiting Notre Dame was this bakers challenge. Never did imagine I would get to experience this amazing challenge! Using bread to build sculptures, bread tasting..... all the top bakers in France were there for the challenge. I love the smell of wheat baking in the ovens and taste the wonderful french bread. I fell in love with this particular apple bread. My boy kept going back to ask for more!!!

I love this cute little sign board!


A popular steak house in Paris. They serve their steak in a special sauce and they only have one menu throughout the year. Steak with fries.

                  Medium rare........ The waitresses in the restaurant were very friendly. And we were lucky to get in without having to Que, despite it was full house (every day). And the waitress told us, that was consider '' No customer'' we were like '' ??'' .

For those are are interested to try this out..... Take the metro to St. Germain des-prés , get out of the station you will see the church on your right, and turn to your right,continue walking for less than a 1 minute, and come to a small junction, then turn left and walk straight down the lane. Or simply as the people around they would probably know where to direct you. Good luck!

OK, may be we shall take a break from food..... repetto a shop where they have beautiful and dainty ballet pumps. I was once a little girl who was passionate about ballet. This passion stays with me though I am no longer a ballerina. I still love any thing with ballet and always love to wear any flats that is in ballet design. They sell very good quality pumps and the most comfy ones I ever came across. I know this brand is selling in Singapore, but ti's way too expensive to buy them here. The shop is sooo pretty that I spent quite some time in there. It just brought me back to those years...  :)

It's crepes time, and also his lunch time!! Nutella Crepé will never go wrong.

Our last day in Paris before heading to London, we had out breakfast at the same Patisserie.....


These may not be the branded pastries in Paris, but they taste absolutely fantastic. Given another chance I will bother to go back to this place and have their gorgeous Chausson a pommes and Millefeuille again.

More LA Duree and Paul at Oly airport

Bought some macaroons from Oly airport : Salted Caramel, Raspberry, Rose with vanilla cream, Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Green Apple.
After trying few of the reputable brands, I still find that La Duree has the best macaroons!

As usual, I would 'Ta Bao'  ( Take away) scones from London Marks & Spencer back to Singapore whenever possible. Simply because I could never make the same scones myself at home.

Happy Ending!!


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