Sakura Roll

Hubby came back from Japan and brought back our favorite Peaches! We are very lucky to get to enjoy this wonderful fruit at a much lower price!!!! I saw these peaches selling at NTUC Finest with the price tag $15.90 for just two in a pack. Which is something I will not spend on with that kind of price tag. Hubby lugged back eight of them at one third of the price of what is selling here. They are heavy and sweet, not to mention it's so juicy and the fragrance of the peaches filled up our home.....

On top of these delicious peaches, he also brought back my all time love- Japanese dairy whipping cream! So I thought I'd make some thing with the cream to match with the peaches. Than I remember I still have some Sakura in the fridge..., so there we had a mini Japanese feast!! A simple vanilla roll cake with the smooth and creamy fresh cream... Hmmmmm....


Egg  2
Sugar  60g
Top flour   60g
Unsalted butter  6g (melted)
Milk  1tsp

Fresh dairy cream  200ml
Sugar    2tbp

Pickled Sakura   few pieces for deco.


1. Whisk eggs and sugar over a  hot water to dissolve sugar. Away from the hot water and continue whisking till ribbon stage, and sift in flour. Carefully fold in the flour.

2, In a smaller bowl, mix both butter and milk, and transfer small amount of cake batter to butter mixture. Mix  them well, and pour back to the cake batter and gentle combine together.

3. Lay sakura on the Swiss roll tray 22x30cm  lined with parchment paper. bake in pre heated oven for 8-9 minutes at 180'c.  Cool the cake on wire rack and peel off the parchment paper.

4. Whip up the cream with sugar till soft peak and spread over the brown side  of the cake sponge and roll it up.  


Alice said…
so pretty! i never touch sakura before heee...
Honey boy said…
Thanks Alice.

Sakura is a very fragile flower. THe pickled ones are even more fragile. it tastes like sour plum. :)
Mel said…
Lovely sakura roll cake! Is the Japanese dairy whipping cream taste better than those selling on the local shelves? There's a typo error on item 3; .....bake in preheated oven for 9- ??
Anncoo said…
Very pretty! Where can I get this sakura?
Honey boy said…
Mel, thanks for pointing out the error! Yes, the cream from japan is fresh and very smooth. The creamy taste is just not the same. Very pure and light. Even not adding any vanilla to it, the cream alone is wonderful. Most of the local ones selling off the shelves are UHT cream, so it could never compare to the Japanese ones. But I found one that is almost close to Japanese cream is by the brand Horizon. It's organic, better still!, whenever I need to buy fresh dairy whipping cream, Horizon heavy cream would be the one I go for. Can be bought from cold storage.
Honey boy said…
Thanks Alice!


I got the Sakura from Japan. Or you may buy it from cuoca website. I have cuoca's link on my blog page.
hankerie said…
Wow..I like your natural colour idea!! Can you link this up to my event!

Cant help to love it :)
Anonymous said…
The sakura swiss roll looks so beautiful and the peaches are beautiful too. You are a lucky woman as your husband always bring home all the goodies each time he travels.Theresa
Honey boy said…
Thanks Theresa, the combination of the blossoms and vanilla sponge really pretty ya? Hubby has been very 'hardworking' all these while, as he'd hunt for things for me to complete my baking needs! I am very grateful. :)
Honey boy said…

Which natural color did I mention in this post? Sorry, hips do I link up with your event??
edith said…
It is so sweet feeling when hubby does the shopping. isn't it?
what does your hubby work as?
Honey boy said…
Hi Onigiriloves,

My hubby for for the airlines.

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