Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moist Butter Cake

I was reading the post on hanushi's moist butter cake, and she was having some questions why the cake had that heavy wet bottom after baking...... So iI went to read on Little Teo Chew's blog who has the original post of this butter cake. By looking at her beautiful pictures of her moist butter cakes, I couldn't wait no more and decided to give it a try! At the same time I wanna know what went wrong with hanushi's. Instead of using a 9" tin, I used a 8" and a small portion to make a cup cake. Both cakes turned out fine, and I find that the cup cake has got lighter crumb compared to the 8" cake. While I was trying to figure out all the possibilities to make the perfect moist butter cake, I deduced that besides a good batter beating, the use of tin would also play a great part, since the liquid ratio is pretty high in this recipe.

The cake is really moist and love the beautiful crumb. However, it is way too sweet for me. I wonder if I cut down the sugar will it affect the beautiful crumb. That means, I will have another round of making this cake. May be I'd make the cake into two 6" tins( like what Little Teo Chew did) and a reduction of sugar?

The first trial of the recipe for this moist butter cake. It's indeed has got a moist crumb.
This is the 8'' cake slice. I should see that if I use a 6'' tin I will get a taller slice and that will look really great.


hanushi said...

Hi honey boy, you are fast. Hugs.
And your crumbs looks great and doesn't have the wet patches like mine.

- Can I ask what is the temp n for how long did you use for your 8" cake?
- Did you use normal plain flour or self raising flour?

I hope I did not ask too many qns. :)

Honey boy said...

I followed the recipe using 190'c and baked for 45 minutes. I used plain flour.
I think the beating of the batter also very important. Make you beat everything well. tr again and see how it goes. Do use a smaller cake tin. the excess just portion them to cup cakes. Good luck dear!

j3ss kitch3n said...

looks really moist must be very yummy =)

hanushi said...

Thanks a lot, honeyboy. I certainly am more motivated to try it again. :)

Honey boy said...

Most welcome hanushi!

Jean said...

your cake looks really moist and rich in buttery flavor!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, besides the beating of the batter (probably the stage where you beat the sugar and butter till fluffy stage), if a different pan size is used, the baking time has to be adjusted, sometimes even the type of pan (tin vs non-stick), or the rack position the cake is baked will also affect the result. I have also learned that sugar, besides being a sweetening agent, it also helps to produce moist cakes, maybe that is why, most low sugar/fat cakes tend to be on the dry side. I won't reduce the sugar if I want a moist cake. I am no professional in baking, just sharing what I have learned from books and the net over the past few years. Hope you don't mind, and do let me know if I am wrong :)

Honey boy said...

hi HHB,

Yeah, you are right, I missed out the baking time for a smaller cake pan use.... Thanks for reminding. I did read about the sugar in cakes helps to keep it moist too. However, this is way way to sweet for us. May be just a small reduction shall not affect the cake much (I hope). :) I read about the egg beating stage is the part where it will determine how light the cake will turn out, but this particuar recipe didn't really fall into this category though, as the use of egg is so little. I guess both beating and pan size are the keys here. Of course not to miss the oven shelf where the cake should be placesd during baking...

Thanks dear for dropping by!! I shall baking this cake again. :)

Happy Homebaker said...

Thanks for sharing your experience :)
Can't wait to read about your next attempt on this cake :)


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