Mama Madeleine & Baby Madeleine

I like the little humps at the back of each Madeleine. They look like little chicks!!

Finally, I made them! After sooo long putting this in my must do list.... Love the shape of each Madeleine and the contrast between the big ones and small ones are really interesting ( I find). The first thing came to my mind was mommy and baby. :)

The original recipe has got lemon rind in it, but hubby prefers the one without. So my second batch I went without lemon rind, and to me it tastes pretty much like our local Malay kuih boloh ( not sure the exact spelling). Beside it's too sweet, I quite like the taste and texture of this big and small babies. They are really good while it's still warm. The next round I would like to try making them with Matcha and some other flavours. I think it is the shape of each Madeleine I am addicted to! I think make them as a gift is quite a not bad idea huh?


Egg   1
Icing Sugar    60g ( I used 50g)
Lemon Rind  1/2 a lemon
Cake  Flour  50g
Baking Powder   1/2 tsp
Melted Butter 50g


1. Beat egg and icing sugar in a bowl till sugar well dissolved.

2. Add in lemon rind and Sifted flour + baking powder and blend well till you get a thick batter.

3. Pour in butter and mix well. Wrap batter with cling film and rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

4. Scoop batter on to buttered mould tray and bake in pre heated oven at 170'c for 15-20 minutes.

5. Cool bake Madeleine on wire rack once it's baked.


hanushi said…
You finally did it! So cute with 2 sizes, hehe...
CaThY said…
Lovely! The baby madeleines look so cute! :)
Jean said…
they look like baby madeleines with mama madeleines! haha so adorable
Cosy Bake said…
Cathy, habushi, Jean,

Yes, they are adorable indeed! I like the buttery sweet taste too.
茄子 said…
我想我比较喜欢小小个的baby madeleines。:P
Unknown said…
Wow. your madeleine looks really soft. I would like to have some :) Your mould looks great too. May i know where did you get them from?
Anonymous said…
wow the petite ones are so cute! one pop bite size somemore. No worries of leaving a tabletop of crumbs whatsoever!
so cute! (: i think is a great idea! (:
ann low said…
Mmm...these are so cute! I also bought the molds but still haven't use it. Thanks for sharing, will make it when I'm free :)
I like the babies one ! They are so tiny and adorable. Just need one bite to finish it all. Heehee.
Happy Flour said…
Oh! they are very nicely baked. Nice to have them for my afternoon snack.
Your #1 Fan said…
They are soooo cute!!! Can't wait to see more of them (especially the small ones)
Lovely. The baby size probably one can just pop it in the mouth. Love your mould.
sean said…
baby madeleine真的好可爱哦!
j3ss kitch3n said…
beautiful texture and so cute!!!
Cosy Bake said…
Cosy Bake said…
I bought the small mould from William Sonomas while I was holidaying in San Francisco. The big one I got it from Phoon Huat. They are cute aren't they? :)

TravellingfoodiesJoyce, Cook. Bake. Love,
You are so right, the baby ones is so convenient, just one mouth each!!

I love the small ones better too! :)

I am looking at green tea red bean version. What do you think?

Jess, Happy Flour, Anncoo,

Thanks! I think most people would like the babies more....
Anonymous said…
What is the difference between cake flour and normal flour?can i use normal flour?

Must we melt the butter till oil like?and how do we melt it?

In what situation we need to sift the flour and when we do not need?

Cosy Bake said…
Dear joey, cake flour has finer texture and lower gluteen level compared to normal flour ,therefore you will get a softer crumbs in cake baking. You can always melt the butter in microwave at low heat. But you have to be very careful while heating up butter in microwave, as it will ' explode' when reaches certain temperature. So better cover it while heating. Or you may use a bowl of hot water and sit the smaller bowl of the butter over n let the hot water slowly melt the butter till it is oil like. Hope me explanation helps. Happy baking!
Anonymous said…
thanks and in wat situation we need to sift the flour and when we do not need to?i m really confused in this world of baking...

Cosy Bake said…
Ops sorry joey, I missed out the sifting flour part. For all baking process I am afraid I have to tell you we need to sift flour for all bakes. That is important as there are lumps and some times dirts in the flour. So by sifting it it's a kind filtering step. Other than that it will incooperate air into the flour therefore it gives you a finer and softer cakes.
Anonymous said…

Cosy Bake said…
Joey, your most welcome!
Edith said…
I want those cute little tray!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Honeyboy
The petite ones are so cute. Any idea does PH carry the small moulds?

Any difference in the mould you bot from WS and PH? Is the former the heavier type of mould?

Cosy Bake said…

I am afraid PH doesn't have the small one. The small one is lighter than the bigger one. And both work quite the same too. YOu may buy the small one online through WS website I think. Or if you have friends going to the US, you should ask them to help you to get it. :)
lena said…
very pretty and looks perfect!

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