Things I have left behind .....

I am not sure what is the best way to start off my blog again. 
It's been a long time since I last blogged. Started to pick up the idea to blog again some months ago, yet I was rather occupied with things to do, for myself and the family. It was a pretty fulfilling years since last time I wrote here. At the same time, Face booking is also another reason, I kind of dropped the idea of blogging... Although, I have been updating my Face book page with most of the bakes and cooks I did. Simply because I find FB is more ' convenient ' to do any posting in the quickest way. Yes, I'm simply LAZY!!

I am supposed, it will take me quite a while to update my blog for what I have done in my kitchen and a bit of travelling info to share. The most recent month, we had a great family trip to Hokkaido. It was full of laughter and some old memories shared by the elderly members was the most... I call it "enjoyable". :)
This year has been great, I must say. Not that we made some windfall, but it's definitely better than a windfall! Managed to clear up some old scums, and now it's all fresh and a new start, and looking for more good thing to come!

A wedding cake that I made for my wonderful friend / sister. It's was a great experience, and I am blessed to have a very good friend to help me with this giant. The wedding was the wedding of the year, as the wedding planner suggested. No deny to that. The afford of setting up the stage, cocktail party with hairdo, and makeup corners for ladies who were not quite ready / confident with their appearance, or those who didn't have quite enough time to run to salons for their hairdo....all was taken care of by professional stylists and makeup artists!! How cool yey?!! Being part of the reception, it was fun, and the free flow of Garrett popcorn by the best men carrying a sling tray around to offer pop corns to the guests tickled us most. Of course the children were the happiest of all. Son till today, still asking for the same kind of wedding to go... The best of course, the most beautiful bride with her fairytale gowns... Well, Vera Wang gowns, it won't go wrong I bet! We were all submerged into Alice in Wonderland moment the whole night. The only wedding I will not forget for life. 

Looking forward to give my blog more updates.... Good day everyone !


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