Homemade Croissant- 4th Attempt

It's been a long while since my last attempt making these flaky buttery bread. All the past attempts were not quite close to what croissant should be, but I know I will not give up trying! Till lately, our weather has been very cooling, and I knew this is going to be the time I should give it another try. Well, this round it is much better ,after all it's my forth attempt. I managed to keep the butter I between the dough without leaking, all thank to the cool temperature. I am so enjoy the cool weather though there were many rainy days.... With the improvement I have achieved, there will sure to be my fifth try and more, till it's a proper croissant . Hope I won't have to wait till the next cooling season though. 


lena said…
that's also why i hv yet to attempt making croissants! am sure one day you will get the perfect croissants that you're looking for !

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