French Onion Soup

There are days we simply need just a bowl of soup and a piece of  toasted bread, especially garlic bread. It goes well with any course or dish. Making them at home is no longer something far from reach. With age catching up, I noticed I eat less compared in the past. But, I also know that, bread is still very much my staple food of all. Never knew that, I could make my own French Onion soup at home. Ok ok.. I cheated, I did not boil my own beef stock. I guess with the convenience of organic beef stock cubes available in the market these days, many of us who needs a quick fix would probably go for the convenience, right??! :) 
There will always be some leftover bread in my freezer most of the time. Many a time, I would base on what I have left in the freezer to decide what would I cook for lunch. 

Mixing butter, garlic, salt, pepper and dried herbs is all I have to do to make the perfect garlic toast at home.

 Grated Cheddar cheese being grilled and and melted on the toast soaking in a soup that is hot and full of flavor.

 Recipe from Lunch Cafe, for the Onion soup. There are many great recipes you would wanna try out, and you will be surprised how simple they can be done at home. Turn your home kitchen to a cafe kitchen and enjoy them without spending extra!!


Anonymous said…
Yummy pictures!

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