Paris 2012 Marché des Enfants Rouges and Weekends Flea Market

Bonjour Paris!

It has been exactly one year since our last trip to Paris (and London), and we planned our this year's at the same date, but this time we had a longer stay. With 'one stone kill two birds', we celebrated both mother's day and our anniversary during the trip. It's the best present to have definitely. I have been to Paris many times during my working years, and yet I never like Paris!! Never knew how to enjoy Paris a bit, besides getting branded staff. I would drag myself self for the trip, and looking forward to go home. But recent years, I started to LOVE this place. After our last trip, hubby and I actually miss Paris really badly. 
I am now looking forward to our next one, that will be a year later. Miss the beautiful blue clear sky, miss the taste of the wheaty bread, their food, their quality seasonal fruits and meat....... However, I am very guilty of not doing a proper homework for this year's trip, and we actually wasted a lot of time and missed some places where we wished to go. So, I think, to have our next one more fruitful, I will have to start doing homework NOW!! 
Another thing about this trip was also, I realized I am not fit for such a long trip, as I got my body aching pretty badly after this 3 week holidays. Or I simply not having enough exercise. So, I guess the next one would be good, just to stick to 2 weeks. But, I know I will be going to miss it a lot! The universe is telling me to go south of France next year, may be?

                                   First cup of coffee after we've checked in the apartment.

A cosy apartment as home for 8 days. I especially love that mirrors design on the wall. 

Our apartment was located at the area of Marché des Enfants Rouges.
During weekends, there will be flea market, that sells all kinds of antiques, and it was truly an eye opening for us. Just outside the market place, there are a stretch of shops selling mostly food staff and kitchen ware. 

                                  A bakery along the street that has beautiful pastries and bread.
                Their authentic baguette was so good, that we could just eat it on its own, my boy was simply happy to just hold and chew on  that stick of baguette as we moved along.

                                                   I love this antique toy car.

                   These melon babies are sugary sweet and juicy! Summer time definitely the fruits heaven!

These raspberries are as big as strawberries or could just cover our whole thumps! They are sooo sweet!! My son could easily pop 2 punnets any time!

                                                       My 'Harvest' from the Marché!

 Our daily breakfast using organic eggs,smoked ham, fat and meaty mushrooms, sugary sweet cherry tomatoes and onion, wheaty french bread and my cup of tea. I am missing them badly!!

                                              A butchery we petrol all the time during our stay.

The French seems to like rabbit (stew)  I guess?

Who would miss this out?! Fresh sea caught fish and other seafood. They simply taste the sea of France!  

                                A shop selling nothing but all kinds of roses. They are so beautiful.

I love this particular stall which sells french antiques and old french laces. I was eyeing on that pair of laundry board. But I was 10minutes late......

                                    Wish I could bring them back- My favourite antique toy cars!!

                                                      Check this scooters out!!

When hubby saw me blogging about this, he said I am 2 months behind time! Hahah.... Hopefully I can finish posting this by mid of the month. 


Anonymous said…
You are truly blessed to travel to Paris so many times. Love all your beautiful pictures. Yes indeed, I fully agreed with you that the baguette is truly very good and can eat it plain by itself. Seeing your pictures, make me want to go back to Paris again after 26 years ago. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. Theresa
Cosy Bake said…

Thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked my post. Yes, you should take another trip to Paris again. There will be o regrets!
Wow I am so envious looking at all the lovely pictures. The pictures of the fruits, vegetables and cakes are so beautiful and colorful! Looks like a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing!
Edith said…
I love to walk round flea market. Thanks for sharing.
lena said…
enjoyed the photos, i've never been to paris! what a nice apartment you got there, those little mirrors.,at one glance i thot they are cooking pans!! also like those enamel jugs..looks like enamel to me..they can be very precious and pricey..if those are original and not a piece of antique!
Anonymous said…
Enjoy watching all your travel photos. May I know the name of the apartment you stay.....planning to bring my kids to Paris. Is good to stay in an apartment especially when you have kids.

Thanks for your response!
Cosy Bake said…

You may check out the website called Paris Rental connection. As this apartment is manged by an agent, there is no name for it cause it's own by someone who leaves away from paris, and they let it out to make some money, but you may go through the web page and key in the location you want and then you will be able to find the nearest apartment where is most convenient to your stay. Hope this help you to plan your holidays! Enjoy!!

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