Coffee Buns once again

This is a bun that no one would say no to it. My son requested to have it for breakfast, as he likes the crispy coffee top on the bun. Ever since the outlets of Rotiboy closed down in Singapore, the only way to enjoy it, is to go all the way to Malaysia. So, I guess we have yet to be that crazy to do that just for the bun, I would have to make it myself!

Instead of using the yellow margarine  for the bun filling, I use butter. As we all know the taste of margarine is stronger( some people may find it more tasty), at the same time it is not good for health. So I will always go for butter. Glad the butter filling didn't leak during baking. And it stayed right in the middle of the bun. I like the marble effect of the coffee topping, I think it just look prettier!


Hi, these coffee buns look good. I love Rotiboy! Wish i could have one of yours.
ken bakes said…
Looks great. Must taste great too!

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