Raphael is 5! '' At The Beach''

Nautical theme would be the most ideal for my little boy, since he loves everything under the sea. 

Time flies.... my boy's turned 5! Had been having many ideas about making his fifth birthday cakes since months ago, and was deciding among ideas like, Angry Birds, Thomas and friends, Smurf... I am really glad, we came out with this '' At the Beach'' cake. ( He named it)

I was rather busy right after our long holidays, trying to get everything back in routine... the most difficult thing  we had to deal with was the jet lag! I never really had that jet lag problem, until this very recent holidays. It took me more than a week to adjust myself back to the normal sleeping hour. But, it was blessed my boy took just 3 days to get back to his normal bed time hour, which compared to last year, it was like a week! However, I did the right thing to have some lavender tea to help me to sleep better. It really work!

I am now trying to find time, to upload some of our holidays photos, hope I am able to post them soon! Just too lazy!!


Alice said…
perfect as usual!
happy bday Raphael :)
my boy will turn 5 too next mth :)
WendyinKK said…
Happy Birthday Raphael ;)
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks gals!

Alice, wish your boy Happy Birthday in advance!
lena said…
hi, thanks for your comment on my mantou post. Your fondant birthday cake looks terrific, yeah, very'beach feel' looking! i'm hopeless of doing these!

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