Passion Fruit Rose Cake

I have no idea where was all my write up gone to. I thought I had shared the recipe of this passion fruit cake and how did I come about making it..... Hmmm... Anyway, I can always share again! Haven't we all the food bloggers have been doing so??? :) Yes, I love this cake mold, and always think of making different cake recipes to 'fit' in this pretty cake mold. Last night hubby was going through some of the old photos, and saw the Too Too train birthday cake I made for ours son's third birthday. He started to ask :" mummy, what happen to this Too Too train cake mold I lugged back all the way from the States for you?" , " I only seen you used it once for boy's birthday , and that's it!" I was like, "Oh dear, where is that train cake mold huh?" so I went through the cabinet and thank god, I found it! So I told him, I will use the cake mold for many other cake baking..... Dear readedrs and blogger friends, any good idea or recipe to share using the 3D cake mold, beside the usual butter cakes? Otherwise, butter and pound cake will just be the standard cakes for the Too Too train.

 So, how did I start making this passion fruit cake, was all about me attracted to the sweet fragrance of the passion fruit after drinking a mix fruit juice at my cousin's. And one fine day, I thought I would wanna make my own mix of orange and passion fruit juice.  It turned out really delicious and healthy too! But there were a few more passion fruit left in the fruit basket, till they stared to turn wrinkly! But the beautiful scent of the fruit just too good that I started to think, this should be good to make them into a cake! So I had a trial using the fruit to make a butter base cake, just like making any other lemon pound cake, earl grey butter.... But, the result is definitely better than what I thought. The strong scent of passion fruit goes really well with the butter cake, which actually taken some of the richness of butter and give the cake a refreshing character. A cake worth making as a gift to freinds and an afternoon tea cake with family. We all know that passion fruit has big seeds, however, the cake looks better with a few seeds sitting around the cake as you cut through it, at the same time that could distinct it as a Passion fruit cake! Well, not too much may be, as I am not a very 'Harworking' eater who likes to spit out seeds every now and then while eating the cake.

 Ingredients: (for a 6 inch cake)
 150g unsealed butter
 120g caster sugar 3 egg
 140g self raising flour
 2 passion fruits ( sift through and keep the juice,may have some seeds in it)

 1. Have all ingredients come to room temperature.
 2. Beat butter and sugar till pale and creamy. Add in egg one at a time. Beat till all come together without any curdle. 
3. Sift in flour and fold in by hand using plastic spatulas. Add in passion fruit juice and mix well.
 4. Pour batter into a lined tin and bake it a pre heated oven for 35-40 minutes.
 5 when it's baked, cool the cake without the tin on a wire rack.


lena said…
good morning, your rose cakes are so pretty! i hv a smiliar kind of mould, kind of forgotten about it until now :)
cute and pretty rose cakes!
MaryMoh said…
Oh wow....looks absolutely beautiful! Love it :D
Janine said…
the roses look so pretty! i have tried a victoria sponge cake in a 3d mould and it works too! anyway pound cakes and butter cakes are also very versatile since there are so many flavors to play with!
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks ladies! I shall try out different flavours of pound/butter cake recipes using the 3D cake molds!

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