Zopt - Braided Bread

I love a morning wake up with the sound of the rain and that gloomy sky gives me a sense of sooth, while I tried to laze a little under my cosy warmth quilt. Of course, this would only be great if it happens during the days when I don't have to rush for the day; prepare breakfast, get my boy's lunch packed for his school, get myself changed and ready to get out of the door....   Now started to appreciate weekends a lot, when I can really take my time to figure out what's for breakfast and even a very lazy lunch. The cool and relax weather 'supported' my lazy mode, at the same time I started to have ideas, of what new bakes to try out. But, I guess this is not too good , if it is an every day affair. Soon my mind will just be too lazy to stay alert. Thank the universe for giving me the right weather on the right day(s)! I do need this every weekend may I wish!

Zopt in Deutsche (German/Swiss) means braided . Hence this is a braided bread, a sweet bread that I twisted a little by adding some cheddar in it. And I omitted the almond flake topping, since no one in the family quite like the bite of it. The same recipe from Japanese Sweet Potato Bread, just change the shape and you get a Zopt!

There are some back lot posts I need to do, but today I find it's the mood to blog on this perfect rainy day. There might be some people prefer a sunny day for a weekend outing with the family or going for work. But, we do need some cool days after days of scorching hot week!


j3ss kitch3n said…
beautiful bread as always
There's a lovely bread.. I am sure it tastes great as a breakfast meal !
Sherleen.T said…
very pretty bread...:)
Cosy Bake said…
Thanks, Jess and Sherleen!
Cosy Bake said…

Thanks, it is great for breakfast indeed and it the quickest method to make too!
beautiful bread and nice presentation!

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