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                                                               Chausson au pomme

  Snap some pictures of my first visit to Maison Kayser for our breakfast date. We were lucky it wasn't any queue. Overall, the whole experience was alright. I'm suppose it was rather early, and their staff were not all in for the service,  waited a while after we were seated, before the Japanese lady took our orders. We could see the poor guy running about fulfilling customers' requests. Soon, there were another two Japanese staff came in and things got a little smoother, yet I think they still need more hands. I had a breakfast set, that consist of two pastries and a hot drink. When hubby had a scrambled eggs with bacon and a plain croissant. I was quite happy with the apple turnover, but rather disappointed with the chocolate croissant, and same for hubby's plain croissant. It was rather dry and I prefer croissant that has more buttery taste and moist. But I did think that could due to a long exposure to the air and they turned dry?? As I have read about very good comments on their croissants, and I thought I should have some takeaway when I saw the batch of newly baked croissants. At the same time, I wanted to try their bread.....

       I got a Batard and croissants for our lunch at home. I must say the batard was very good. Love the crumb and the fragrance crust!! The crumb was so soft and that sour dough smell simply goes well with a good quality butter.                                                                              

To be fair, the takeaway croissant was really good, compared to the one we had at the shop. I warmed it up to make it more buttery and moist. It was truly a good croissant! 

The batard has a really soft crumb and I love to see those big holes .... we had it with some ham, smoked salmon and some baby Mozzarella cheese. Love this kind of lunch combo. We could eat good bread all day!!

However, hubby find that Paul's bakes are more of his kind, despite their croissant has heavier crumb and some people find it soggy. But it's a lot richer and buttery. As for Apple turnover, I still prefer Paul's. :) We really won't mind Paul's croissant anytime. Of course, if we wanna dine in again we would rather go to Paul which has a better seat and more comfy. Though there were complains about their service.... I guess, I would just go back to Maison Kayser more takeaways, in stead on dine in.


bossacafez said…
cheryl, i'm sorry to hear your experience at maison kayser wasn't that good. i replied you on my blog already but anyway, i didn't think that place was really for dining-in and i saw ppl mostly takeaway their stuff.

i don't hv kids so my time is pretty flexible. lets arrange a date via email shall we? maybe we can exchange numbers via email or something :) whats yr email? i'll write to you in abit.
Cosy Bake said…
Hi hi Evan,

This is my email :

We"ll exchange contact numbers.... Looking forward!!
hanushi said…
Happy cny to you, honeyboy!!! :)
Cosy Bake said…

Thanks! Hope you had a great CNY!

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