Breakfast Date with Hubby at Maison Kayser

So I was reading last week's papers , they have a page on big French bakeries in Singapore and learnt that Jones The Grocer has the best croissant among all! I have been 'Promoting ' Paul so much since, but seems like there are a few more big names bakeries has very good (if not better) french pastries too. Looks like we soon can have all the high and good quality French bakes available here that we don't have to travel all the way to Europe! How luck we are!

Since Paul opened, I have visited the bakery few times for my favourite Apple Turnover . each time we passed by the place, there were always queue be it dine in or take away. We were
pretty lucky to get our seats without long waiting ..... But many of the bakes were sold out, and the staff said, there won't be any fresh ones for the day! I was in a hurry on that day as my hair cut appointment was scheduled after lunch. I had my tuna salad and tea, there after I rushed down for my hair cut, leaving hubby and son behind, slowly enjoy their time. It was rather disappointed that I didn't have my apple turnover. I was exchanging ideas and information with Evan since Paul and Maison Kayser opened in Singapore, and got to know there are lousy feedback anout Paul....Hope they will iron things out and gain more positive feedback soon. Nevertheless , me and hubby decide to have our breakfast date at Maison Kayser tomorrow, and very much looking forward to their highly commented croissant they have!! I wonder do they have Apple Turnover as well??


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