Galletes Bretonnes

On some rare days, I would get to watch my favorite TV channel, and watching Asian Food Chanel in the late afternoon is even rarer! For one I have to prepare dinner at that time of the day, and my boy would be the one having his tv break. I happened to be 'Lucky' on this particular day, to have a short peek and the program " Excellent Chef Series" one of the popular Taiwanese pastry chef 孟老师 was showing how to make the French biscuit - Bretonnes. Or Breton biscuit.

On the night itself I decided to give it a try and indeed it's really good!! Rich taste, and the crumb was so light filled with the aroma of almond. I know I do have some books with this French sable recipes, so I went on and found a recipe that is close to the by 孟老师. However, I prefer the 孟老师's better.

There are three more recipes I have are different in few ways. Some have got marmalade jam coated on, and the one by Piere Hermes has got no almond in the recipe, instead he uses semi cooked egg yolk to create the light and crips texture. Well well well, who and what is the real Sable Breton ?? Would anyone be kind to share about this?


Anonymous said…
Look so delicious and yummy. Theresa

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