Paul; Hubby's effort is greatly appreciated.

Getting good french pastries in Singapore is really not easy. All the more if you are talking about the real taste of simplest croissant we have on frequent basis. I am no french man here, but I definitely know what is a good all butter croissant or a pastry margarine made croissant, which we often get in Singapore. The texture may not be that obvious between both, but the taste..... there is noway I would compromise to take margarine croissant beside the taste won't pass my taste bud, the main reason is margarine is not good for our bodies! I may not be a food critic nor any kind of scientist that study about food, but I do read up on what are the good and bad go in my body. I have been buying my all butter croissant from this particular bakery since my boy's born, till lately I noticed they have changed their baking standard. Yes, I am disappointed and also start to look out for other places where they sell the REAL croissants. Could anyone give me a good place to get all butter croissant?

Hubby just came back form his London trip and he really took the effort to bring the butter croissants from Paul, where they have great French bakes.Ya, there may be some may think he's nuts to bring back such a thing all the way, but I am so grateful of his thought and effort! Thanks Hubby!!! In fact I am not the only 'Nuts' for food I love, friends around me would do the same once they get the chance to bring back the good stuff while they are overseas. So I guess the ''Good attracts good, Bad attracts bad'' is again proven to us...  Of course I know that box of croissant won't last very long, but at least I know we are eating the real stuff. Meanwhile I hope to find a bakery which could supply our need.  

The all butter croissants were in perfect shape after 13 hour flight. These going to be our precious croissants for the next one week. 

My all time dream on Apple turn over from Paul managed to stay in shape however, the base got a little soggy  due to the apple sauce filling. After toasting them in the toaster, the top would back to it's flaky and crispy puff. I really don't mind at all!


Anonymous said…
Wow!!You are so lucky to have such a thoughtful and romantic husband. Theresa
Cosy Bake said…
Theresa, I am grateful of what I have. I am sure every All of us have great hubbies in different ways. Let's appreciate things and people around us. We shall be happy and blissful always! Cheers!
bossacafez said…
PAUL is gonna open in singapore, not sure if they've opened already tho'. its just outside books kinokuniya at ngee ann city where coffee club used to be. i'm so looking forward!
Cosy Bake said…

Wow, thanks for the good news!! Now I have more reasons to go down to town for more books and Paul!! Hope they will stick to their standard and make good butter croissants!

Thanks again!! :)

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